Thursday, September 25, 2014

12 Days to Go- This S#%ts Gettin' Real!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the biggest stress the week before leaving for Kona would be a mouse in our house! Wednesday H saw a little critter in the garage, never a good sign..

Honestly, the little rodents are kinda cute, look innocent enough but if you research online about mice and how disgusting they are and how many diseases they can carry (over 200), they're just not that cool. We didn't think much of it after the garage sighting. I always have a bit of mouse poison in our garage. Leftover, I suppose from a super big mouse problem we had in another house of 20 years ago (We live near the mountains and desert-yes it is a problem up here at times). Living near open space it's to be expected. I guess the poison has a shelf life cause next morning H was greeted with a little critter in the kitchen while making breakfast Thursday. Out came the snap traps..Friday AM we caught one of the mice and for a couple days we were on mouse alert..Finally we were mouse free!

Thursday during my late day run on Tramway I came face to face with a 3-4 foot long snake slithering across the run/bike path, slowly slithering. I thought I would cry. I waited until a brave dude went running by and ran next to him past the snake. Had I thought quicker, I could have captured the snake, taken him home to eat at the "Mice Hotel" up here at our house..Geez!

Then Friday, **Somebody** left a laundry room faucet on full blast and forgot about it, so we had a nice flood of an inch of water throughout about a third of our house. The water was limited to the tile area. There was lots of mopping involved,a ton of sweeping and a large fan to dry things quickly. I was secretly hoping it would drown any mice. See how sadistic I get when under stress? So my "day off" from training wasn't so relaxing between the mice and the flood. I fully expected for famine to follow at that point. To say I was grumpy and upset is an understatement!

Then I remember:

Deep breath, deep breath..

Oh yeah, that little Iron Race that's coming up..then there's that! I had a rough end to my training week as well which is predictable at this stage of the game. My workouts are getting shorter, faster and taper is beginning. The time where one can get grumpy, tired, and hungry. I am already G&T off and on..On Thursday, I didn't want to swim over 4,000 yards in the morning and run 45 minutes in the PM. I tried to weasel out of it telling my coach I really needed to take Thursday off, too tired, I could do workouts on Friday, etc.. My coach is awesome, doesn't baby me-I think I like this in a coach. He was encouraging and gently coaxed me to do the deal and take Friday off. It was a struggle but I did it! The swim was a bit challenging at a city pool I found that actually has hours after 8:00 AM, so I got to relax a bit Thursday early AM. At the pool, some woman wanted to share a lane with me, then glared at me, eventually asking me how much farther do you have to swim? I said uh, about 400 more yards...she looked unhappy, not sure what was going on, but I wanted to take her flipper and throw it to the other side of the pool..I just haven't had good luck in any lap swimming lately! Don't any of these people work?? :>)

So glad come yesterday that I had done the schedule and taken Friday off! My Saturday bike was an easy hour long ride around the hood with hubby, then I was off to run "faster than race pace" for an hour. I did my usual run 4/walk 1 min., but really picked it up on the run. I ended up running almost 6 miles-yay! This is really an accomplishment for me on a training run after a tough week physically and emotionally..

Sunday, a few of my riding buds showed up to support me in my last longish bike effort. A four hour bike ride with 4x20 minute Time Trials (haul ass as fast as you can for 20 minutes times four, then easy ride in between.) I was really appreciative that people showed up for "lil OLD me" to give me a send off to KONA. I was really touched! I have great friends here and lots of similarly crazy people to enable me in my enthusiastic goals...

I I really can't believe in 3 days I am off on a plane with my favorite SD (Supportive Dude). I really don't know if I could have done all the training it takes to prepare for Ironman number two In 2014 without my fantastic husband, who did almost all the training with me. Who does that? He didn't have to but he is my biggest fan and supporter-encouraging me in ways that only someone that knows and loves you so well can. I am one lucky chick!

I am starting the lists.. So much to do, so little time. I have even asked H to wear things over and over this week-NO MORE LAUNDRY!! Haha..I am somewhat stressed watching Ironman Kona specials from years past on YouTube. The race looks HOT. Really HOT! So not sure what my race gear should be. Wear too much and I will cook and that is not good..wear too little and I will get the effect of sun on my skin, causing more heat and dehydration. Oh, and everyone is different when it comes to the Island heat! I am really hoping all of this will be clear to me once I can actually feel the conditions for myself at the end of the week. Typically I don't feel all that good in humid high heat but we will see..worst case scenario, I have to buy something in Kona to doesn't sound like a bad option to me! Is there a Lululemon store in Kona? Lemme check on that..













Wednesday, September 24, 2014

18 Days til the Big Dance..

Friday I said goodbye to Chama and these guys:

This guy got up close and personal
On my last bike ride for the week, there they were. It was soooo cool! Friday I traveled back to the big city, got myself immediately to the Club Pool (different location-oh why can't the city pools be open midday???). I needed to share a lane so went with the older sweet looking gentleman, who apparently unbeknownst to me, was swimming backstroke-starfish style with paddles and fins..Really?? I managed to cut my hand on the water fill pipe on the edge of the pool, I was swimming so far to the side to avoid the guy. This went on even into my 20X100's, every other one "hard effort". Finally the "water aerobics" class (and I use this term loosely-sorry..) that took up 4 lanes was over and I got my own lane. The good news is I consistently swam my 100's in 1:40. This is really good for me. With 45 seconds rest and an easy 100 in between, I am a rockstar! Lol..hopefully this will translate to a decent swim in the clear waters of Hawaii in 3 weeks (yikes, I shudder at how close I am to the race).

I also Skyped with my coach Michael on Friday. He is in Hawaii already (from Australia). No, I'm not too jealous! It was good to see him and the conversation about my training, the Kona course, etc. brought the race even closer to reality..Always feeling uplifted and younger than I am after talking to my coach, I went to sleep anxious to get the coming two days, my biggest training weekend so far and ever, maybe.

Saturday, up and atem, ready for my epic 2.5 hour run, followed by a 40 minute run in the ("PM"). I noticed my stomach felt kinda queasy and had some pain there up in Chama the last couple days, but didn't think much of it at the time. I started my run down Tramway and about 20 min. in my stomach started to go South. Horrible gas pains, don't want to be too graphic but I had to stop a dozen times to the potty. Luckily there were some along the way. At one point, I dashed onto a running trail to find a proper bush and boom! tripped over my right shoe, these same thing I have done many times. I managed to scrape my left knee which is typically what I scrape when I fall. There were some blood. So I scooped myself off the ground put the Band-Aid that I have with me on my knee and went along my merry way. A couple of people stopped to ask if they could help and was I alright. I graciously said no and then cursed under my breath. My left knee is not too happy with me! I have abused it one too many times..

On I went with my miserable run. The stomach was a real issue. Was it the tacos and burritos I has eaten on Friday? Or a stomach bug? Whatever, I did the run, even the 30 minute sets "within the run" at "effort" (faster). All in all I kept it together to finish. I felt quite dehydrated by the end and was pretty much worth nothing the rest of the day. I was suppose to do an "optional" 30 minute swim afterwards but I was in no shape to carry on so just rested..I couldn't eat hardly anything my tummy was so rebellious, but managed to hydrate a bit as I knew Sunday would be a long ass day too. I emailed my coach-whaaaaa! Stomach is a mess..what to do? He calmed me down, as always. Just drink and eat as much as you can..have good ride tomorrow! I calmed down. This was my biggest training weekend before IMAZ Kona and I was pissed the physical issues were getting in the way!

Saturday night, we piled in the car and drove the hour+ to Sky City Casino, the home of the start of the Tour de Acoma, which was to be my 100 mile training ride for Sunday. The Tour de Acoma is an organized ride and race either 25,50 or 100 miles. We have done the 100 and 50 before. The Pueblo opens this area just once a year for cyclists. The race is well supported and views are absolutely stunning! Especially once you enter El Malpais National Conservatory Area:
(These are not my pics. I heisted them off the Internet)

Breathtaking views as we winded around huge sandstone rocks on our bikes. I could just feel the wonder and history coming from those rocks. I felt blessed and so lucky to be able to bike through this wonderful land.

Anyway, we went to dinner at the hotel Sat night, my stomach still a mess. I could hardly eat. But got all my nutrition, drinks and bikes set up for the race Sunday AM. Tried to drink as much as I could, went to bed at 9:00 and hoped for the best.

I was wide awake at 3:00 AM. Thank goodness for Mickey-D's across the street. Open 24 hours a day, I ordered breakfast and (free) coffee and observed, well no one basically in McDonalds at the hour. I was hungry..good sign..awake much to early, I got on my computer and checked emails, surfed the Internet for info on Kona and drank much coffee. By the time H was up at 5:45, I was over ready to go! At 7:00 the 100 milers lined up at the start line and someone said "go" and that was it. I decided to take a timing chip just to see what my official time was at the end. My goal was to do a pretty good pace, not racing just steady. Limited stops and keep to my nutrition plan..oh and enjoy the view on the ride!! Soon the riders were spread out, there were 54 riders on the 100 miler, 7 were female. I saw a couple of gals out there but didnt think much of placing in the race itself. In 2009, H and I tried to "race" this ride and it was miserable. I think I was 10th back then and I didn't see too many gals out there in 2009 either. They only give awards to the top 3 overall men and top 3 overall women.

The wind, ahhh the wind. I was just thinking the other day I really haven't gotten to train in some proper Kona wind conditions on the bike yet.. Be careful what you wish for. We had WIND for much of the hundred miles of beauty and wonder as we fought side winds, headwinds, 20-25 MPH with gusts, which my old Zipp wheels didn't seem to like very much. I had to hold on for dear life when the side wind almost blew me over a few times..Ahhhhh, Kona wind is my friend! I figured all I had to do was contend with heat and humidity as I think I got this wind thing covered. H and I pulled each other the last 20 miles, taking turns except on the hills, where I was barely moving. My legs were still screaming a bit from Saturday's run at this point. My stomach started to hurt. We finally had an anticlimactic crossing of the finish line. I didn't even stop-go to the timing tent but instead headed straight for the bathroom and Restaurant. H and I were starving! We got way too much food from the almost closing brunch buffet, thought we could eat it all after burning 4,000 calories (according to my Garmin), but of course we had many leftovers. Food never tasted so good! I had stuck to my nutrition plan of gels and Shotz electrolyte drink, with little food so I was making up for it!

For anyone who is interested in the course. It is really amazing!

Monday was spent in pajamas. Except for the 90 minutes I crawled onto my bike on trainer for 90 minutes and did an "easy spin", followed by a short run outside, where I just missed the big storm coming in. I was so beat up that day, was overwhelming tired. My daughter had to put her 13 year old dog down Monday in San Diego. I so was so sad for her and heartbroken to hear Riley was leaving us. Riley has been to our house many times over the years and was a permanent part of B&D's family for so long. So tired, sad and sore- I tumbled into bed at 8:00, opened a message from a friend and he said did you know you got 3rd place in the Tour Sunday? Whaaaa?? I had no idea. That perked me up! I checked the timing site and I'll be damned, sure enough.. And the prize for placing is a nice piece of beautiful handmade pottery! I immediately emailed the RD and hopefully H and I can go pick it up or they can mail it to me.

Yesterday (by now this was Tuesday) was an early morning 2500 yard swim, which included 40, yes 40 sets of 50's. I made it to the city pool where I still had weird experiences but the water was crystal clear! I had hard set every couple 50's. Anaerobic swimming accomplished.

I ran at sunset last night. It was amazing. I am starting to visualize the run in Kona, with the ocean instead of desert around me. I remembered my run in Melbourne at sunset, it was magical. I thought I am really doing this!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

24 Days and I Turn 60!

There won't be much training to report on this post as my main goal in life today is to lie in bed on this, my 60th birthday. The words of wisdom should be flowing out of me about right now as I am busy contemplating my naval but alas, nothing much to report revelation wise. I had a dream right before I woke up this morning that H had Sports Illustrated put my picture on the back cover of the magazine, with some sort of caption that I was headed for Kona..don't remember if I was in a bathing suit or not...kind of like they had to out me on the back cover because no one would buy a S.I. Magazine with a 60 year old in a bathing suit on the front cover! I woke up and I realized:
I feel some some changes are a'comin for me in this coming decade. For one, I no longer care much what anyone thinks of me or what I do. The judgements of others just roll off my back, if I am even aware of them at all. I no longer have to make excuses for losing my memory after all, I am 60! I can no longer be labeled a hypochondriac-no one is at my age. I can rest assured in a hostage situation, I will probably be released first. My eyes will not get any worse-I am on the strongest reading prescription glasses there is and still need magnification at times. My secrets are safe with my friends because well, they can't remember them either. I can eat dinner at 4:00. If I go to the store and forget I still have my slippers on, oh well. I no longer care if I even run into people I know in said slippers in public. I have to confess I found many of these online but I thought they were appropriate for me.

I wish I could say I no longer care about my weight or my appearance. I am tired of feeling guilty for eating too much chocolate and not enough vegetables. I am tired of feeling guilty about anything actually. Typically one my age would say they are just not as competitive as they use to be. If that were true though, I wouldn't have made it to the start line of Kona IM World Championships coming up in a month.
My goal this coming year is to release myself from training pressure, relax more, worry less about how active I am and more about what I experience in life. I want to enjoy my family more and not sweat the small stuff. I am committed to simplifying my life, not really knowing what that will look like. Right now, if we lived in a very small Condo about the size of the one in Melbourne, I would be fine with that. Less crap to worry about. Living by the ocean sounds nice to anywhere uncomplicated sounds nice actually.
We will travel in 2015, I know H. is planning a trip to France for me for my birthday this Spring. I always wanted to see Paris in the Spring..with my amazing hubby.
In my 60s, I will probably watch as my body sags more, my skin becomes even thinner and my bones ache with the weather. I have fought through some arthritis issues while training for a year now. I have done my best to ignore theses things as they aren't really fitting into my plan of doing 2 Ironman races in a year. Denial has been my friend. This decade I will treat myself with less physical abuse and more TLC, learning to accept more my limitations as an aging person. Now to some, this may sound like giving up and giving in to aging but for me it is just lining up more with reality so I make it to the finish line of Life with grace!
I don't want my only accomplishment in my aging years to be sports competitions. I want to feel like more of a rounded human being with the remaining time that I have, hopefully at least 30 years!
But don't get me wrong, I am still training my ass off for the biggest Ironman competition n in the World October 11, 2014!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

25 days

Life is so uncomplicated here in the mountains. I just don't feel rushed to do stuff. From the morning I get up back home in ABQ, I am doing stuff. So clearly my soul longs for simplicity here. Something about bringing in the new decade I suppose. I keep thinking well, in my 60s I am gonna do this..and that..because well, I'll be 60 and all!

I haven't been to the cabin by myself for this long ever! Maybe 20 years ago, but never more than one night. It's actually quite nice. I use to be scared..thinking of all the creatures and crazy people who may attack me in my isolated space up here. But no, it's all good. The biggest thing that happened was an attack of the "wood gnats" I call them last night. These little gnats/flies seem to breed in the wood of a our log cabin upstairs sometimes. Well, last night they appeared, hundreds of them in the bathroom. Yuk! I took everything out and sprayed the "Raid for little flying f%#kers" all over the veiling and corners. This seemed to work. Then this AM (awoke at 4:30 AM), I noticed they had migrated to the bedroom corner of the wood ceiling. So I sprayed like hell and receded to the downstairs. Argggghh! I hate little annoying flying bugs..need to figure out some permanent solution to the issue. We saw them once before this summer and sprayed but haven't again til now.
Oh well, hasn't ruined my week! I was pretty close to cancelling my workout yesterday as tired as I was. But at is point with IM 4 weeks away, I feel like any missed workout will mean an hour added to my race time. This isn't logical, I know I am in good shape but this is a common issue for Ironman athletes. Wanting to get that "last bit of training down". So off I went and road the 90 minutes up and down our road about 22 miles. Then ran for 20 minutes, pretty slow and easy pace on both..
These are my views while riding. As you can see, I was trying to beat the storm that was brewing over the mountains. It seemed like it was about to hit then..well it never did! My legs actually felt a little tired but not too bad considering the beating up I gave it on Sunday. Apparently Albuquerque is getting pounded by rain but up north here, the storms are passing by.
I am starting to read Ironman Kona blogs now. Info on what to expect. My coach arrived in Kona Sunday so he can give me the lowdown on the course. I am getting excited but in a good way. I made my 5th call to the bike transport rep. She knows me pretty well by now and understands my nervousness about my Tribike getting to Kona. I got the notice today that yes, indeed my bike was picked up at the bike shop yesterday-whew! Had gotten a call from H that they had showed up at our house (Fedex) so the call to the shipping Rep was in panic that they didn't know where to go. She assured me they were headed to the bike shop also. She understood my "Kona crazy".
H tells me he will remain sane while I may go a little "Kona crazy" at times before the big day. Thank goodness one of us has to be! I get anxious before races anyway and this is just magnified by 100 or so! But all in all, I feel pretty even considering I am in the final push to countdown for the Big Dance..and then they is the whole turning 60 step beyond a "Midlife Crisis" I suppose..
Today is off to the pool as soon as they open at 8:00. I have pretty big swim scheduled. In the little 20 yard pool here in the tiny little Tierra Amariila community pool, it should be interesting! Not to mention they keep the pool temp at about 82. Ahhh, prefect Kona conditions! Then I have an hour run to do. Up here in the beautiful mountains, how can I complain? I may go into town (Chama) and run at the "Edward Sargent Wildlife Area", where I have 20,000 acres to run. It's beautiful up there too.
Forget the above paragraph. I get to the local T.A. pool this AM and there is a sign on the door: closed from Sept 1st to October 2nd. The door is wide open, I look into the pool area and the pool is empty. Well, on to Plan B, which is to message my coach and say wtf? Nearest pool is 100 miles worries he says. You can do the long ass swim on Friday..whew..

I drive to Sargent Wildlife Area to run, where I immediately encounter two guys with full hunting regalia on and two horses nearby. I immediately thought of the theme for "Deliverance" or that I was in a scene from "Outlander" (great TV series by the way). I asked if they were hunting and they said yes, but only bow hunting allowed right now up there. I heard the words "Oh gosh, that somehow sounds less violent than shooting them (the Elk)" come out of my mouth. Did I just really say that? Geez..They offered a suggestion that I may enjoy running on a trail in the opposite direction than they were going, which was up into the mountains. I realized after some 20 minutes that this was a horse trail, not a running trail. How were they to know? I danced around the rocks for awhile and somehow eeked out a 4 mile "run/hike" out of it. Not quite what I was planning but oh well..on my way back I heard some strange whistling coming from what I thought was the hunters and their horses. Then I see a dark cloud of smoke rising up in front of me. Oh crap, a fire! Visions of me getting stuck in the mountains with 2 hunters behind a forest fire was not my idea of fun. Then I heard the loud train whistle and realized, OMG it's the Chama Train. I ran up on the highest ridge I could get to and lo and behold there was the train! I felt pretty stupid, all my paranoia seeing smoke from a stoopid train... As I was almost at my car I saw something I didn't expect to see-a Porta Potty-yay?! I needed it so I plugged my nose and closed my eyes and went for it..I HATE Porta Potties but when nature calls and there is one put on the middle of nowhere, I gotta use it, right?
I came back to the cabin to await hubby's arrival and read everything I can online about turning 60. I have exactly 10 hours and 45 minutes more in my 50s. It all just feels so strange to me turning this page in my life. I don't even know how to describe it. Maybe I will have the words tomorrow..
Over and out. Goodbye 50s..Hello The decade of Medicare!

Monday, September 15, 2014

28 Days

Actually it is 26 days...I skipped the first two...til the Big Dance in Kona. H and I leave on October 2nd. A mere 17 days away-Eeeep!
I lay here in bed, coffee cup in hand, having awakened at 4:00 AM. I decided to head up to Chama yesterday for my big 6-0 birthday week. I often wake up super early and this is one of those days. Listening to James Taylor, I am looking out the window at the stars still shining brightly until dawn appears. My hubby will join me up here tomorrow. My goal was to "clean" the cabin before he arrives tomorrow. I usually clean the place about twice a year. However this cleaning day may get scrapped since I feel a little bit like I was hit by a Semi Truck.
A weekend in the life of the IronMaiden's quest for Ironman Kona-starting at home in ABQ:
  1. Get up Saturday AM, eat a big breakfast
  2. Head out around 8:00 AM for my long run. Ended up running over 12 miles in 2:40. Not bad for these old legs..
  3. Head home, eat brunch made by my wonderful hubby, catch up on emails, laundry-the never ending laundry that exists in our house with massive training!
  4. Go to the pool. We had to go to the local club pool, which is in my opinion gross by any standard. Murky water, god knows what people leave in that water..there are always people standing in a group in the first lane, just talking. There is an awful moldy smell always at one end of the pool. Often older, overweight men just hanging around the hot tub staring at people. Not in it, just sitting around it. It is creepy..Anyway, I digress. H and I swam for 30 minutes. I swam with my Finis music earphones, and kept my eyes closed a lot to avoid seeing the water and imagining the worst. My choice is always a city pool, where they gave figured out the art of using chemicals to keep the water crystal clear! Swim done...
  5. I feel tired. Try to relax but know there is much to do before my trip to Chama so start packing the car.
  6. Do 2nd run in the evening. I ran 20 minutes since I overshot my morning run by 10 minutes. It was difficult to drag my ass out there again. I went over to get some body parts waxed after dinner and it made sense just to head out and do the quick run done.
  7. Home by 7:00. Packed up car more, I was dropping my Tri Bike off yesterday to my local bike shop to be picked up by TriBike Shipping today. But was taking my road bike up to Chama so packed that in one car and my Tri Bike in the other since was riding it yesterday in the Century Ride. Confusing, right? I was confused also. Had to make lists so as not to forget anything. In bed by 10:00.
  8. Sunday morning I woke up way before our 5:30 alarm, so decided to pack the rest of my stuff in the car I was taking to Chama so I could leave directly from Century ride and head to Chama. This seemed like a good idea until it was time to leave and I was still packing-woops! H got there early in his car and I finally arrived only to miss the group we were going to ride with that left at 7:00. We missed them by a minute or two. Oh well, off we went anyway.
  9. Started riding the "Tour of the Rio Grande" century ride, which is flat, flat. It was a gorgeous day, hardly any wind but generally had the wind at our backs on the way back. I had programmed the "Tour of the Rio Grande" course in my Garmin and for once, something electronically magically worked for me! So although the course was clearly marked, we had directions..Only crap, it did not record my ride data..oh well, H had his Garmin to gather our ride data at the end. I started pushing on the bike, hanging on to anyone's wheel I could who was going faster than us. We drafted a few folks but mostly I pulled us in Kona training mode down in my aerobars, trying to look fierce! I took all my Kona nutrition to train my stomach as well. We only stopped a couple of times for water and potty breaks. I ran into a buddy from Grad School (we graduated 12 years ago). Great to see an old schoolmate! Saw some other team friends along the way. I soaked in all the encouragement about Kona. My poor hubby got dragged along my quest for a century ride with minimal stopping. Stuck to my nutrition plan-no issues at all. I felt strong and was able to push the pace pretty much the whole ride. My legs got a little tired at the end but nothing I couldn't push through. Finally we hit Rio Grande Road and we were almost there! I couldn't figure out how to look at my speed and the course map at the same time but knew we had done these 100 miles fast! We were finished and H turned to me and said we had down the ride in less than 5:30. Whoopee!! Later he told me we actually did it in 5:20, averaging 19 miles/hour. Oh, if only I could run a marathon after that! Maybe I could?? That would be nice. I headed back to my car, said goodbye to hubby-see you in 2 days!
  10. Put my running shoes on, and pushed my tired body into a 25 minute run. This sounds so short, right? But I was counting the minutes. It was getting hot. I was tired of eating gels and wanted food!
  11. After the run, I drove to the bike shop and said goodbye to my Tribike (by now had my 2 bikes in the car and all my s#%t for Chama). I felt a little nervous just leaving my bike, which they are boxing up and getting ready for Fedex to pickup today for the long trek to Kona. I will pick it up on the 4th in Hawaii, all put together and ready for me to ride (hopefully). My first IM 10 years ago, I shipped my bike Fedex and they managed to lose the shipping label so got a call from Texas Fedex office saying it was a good thing I had thrown a luggage tag on my bike so they knew who's it was...lesson learned. Needless to say, my bike was labeled clearly this time!
  12. Ok, now I am literally starving!! I head over to "Which wich", an awesome sandwich place! After grabbing a sandwich, chips and diet coke, I started scarfing down the food. Of course had to have the chocolate brownie too. I don't think I have ever been so hungry after a long ride! I ate as much as I could, got gas, filled the cooler with ice and off to Chama by 3:10..
  13. Drove to Chama. The 2:45 drive seemed quick! I arrived and unpacked the car. This guy was here to greet me:
So peaceful and beautiful here...I was again starving and ate the rest of my which-wich, along with many other chips and an O'Douls. I finally sank into a chair and watched stoopid TV. Then I got really, really tired-off to bed (after more snacks) where I dreamed strange dreams and woke up at dark o'clock!
So a weekend in the life of a Triathlete Ironman in training I have a 90 minute spin with 20 minute run off the bike and Yoga.
Think I will stay in bed resting til then..oh and await the 60th anniversary of my birth in 2 days. Wow, where has the time gone?? Just the other day, I was riding a tandem with my best friend Allison, age 11 or 12-us giggling and not a care in the world!
(H doesn't believe it's me but yes I m the one in the preteen "awkward stage")