Friday, December 11, 2009

We are somewhere over here!

We are now in Perth, Western Australia. We have been here for 2 days after taking a bus trip from Busselton. It was kind of sad to say goodbye to the little town of "Busso" because well, other than the 15+ hours there on IM day, we had a fabulous stay there. The people in Busso were ALL friendly, happy..they must put happy pills in all their water I guess.

Perth is more big city with 1 million or so folks here. We are staying right in the heart of downtown, where the outdoor mall is. It is quite bustling at the moment with Christmas shoppers, which feels really wierd since it is sunny and around 80 degrees outside. We are in a very European type hotel, "Miss Maud's" where breakfast is a feast every morning. The rooom is tiny but comfy beds. We have eaten out the 2 nights we have been here in amazing restaurants. Very European style again, with tables outside and things hopping around 8:00, which seems to be dinner time here. We have enjoyed King's Park, a HUGE very clean, beautiful place a meer short city bus ride away. We have done our share of walking too. The sorenss of IM seems to have subsided, especially after the massages we got as soon as we hit Perth. It was MAVALOUS!! I am eating like a pig so will probably gain a ton but for the moment do not care!

Yesterday we took a boat to "Rottnest Island" where beaches are galore and no cars allowed. We did have the option of taking bikes around but the sound of that just turned our stomachs so we took the bus around the island. On the last island a stingray swam right up to H just long enough for him to pet him. It was the most amazing thing ever, almost one of those once-in-a-life moments where you can't believe it happened without any warning. I got one shot of him close to H but missed the petting picture, I was mesmerized..

Only scary thing that has happened is I thought I lost my passport and credit cards this AM but alas they were in our hotel room-whew! Only annoying thing was the very loud drunks on the boat back to Perth yesterday. Otherwise has been a perfect vacation so far! Tonight we are hoping to go to a free X-mas concert in the Eplanade-the Australian Symphony Orchestra.

I am trying to figure out how to download a map on here to show where we are. For now I will say we are very, very FAR from the US!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lessons learned..

OK 48 hours to reflect on IMWA. I trained my heart out for 17 weeks for this race. I did the "advanced program" and have never put so many running hours into my training before. I PR'd a half IM a month before the race, my head was in the right space to get a PR. I was convinced I would. IMWA is considered one of the fastest race courses in the world. Many get PRs on this course...I saw no reason why I would not make the podium. I felt great the days leading up to and on race day. So what the hell happened? I ask myself..I spent yesterday beating myself is more introspective:

1) I should have brought and worn my Garmin that I have used on every single bike and run workout I did leading up to the race. Could have monitored myself better on the bike and run..Stoopid mistake..

2) I think the whole first out of the water in your age group! really f^&(*d me up. I thought then I was some kind of rock star, that IM rules did not apply and I could just go as hard as I could on that first lap of the bike. I did do well, but at the expense of the rest of the race..This is a rookie mistake..I knew better at the time and knew better before. NEVER spend all your energy on the bike -you will end up WALKING the marathon..

3) I cannot control what I cannot control..heat being one of those factors..I do not race well in heat. Over 100 degrees and my body freaked out. Take Rage, Buffalo Springs as cases in point. I sucked and hated my performance in those races too. The fact I could not control the weather is a metaphor for life. You cannot control alot in life and you just deal with it..

4) I have always thought that when you feel like dog-doo doo in an IM, you just fix the problem and you can feel better in no time. This race it literally took me 5 hours to feel better. Guess it does not always work that way..

5) I have always thought secretly that folks who wanted to quit in IM were just sissies and not in the right mental frame. Well, I was wrong-DEAD wrong. Those 16 pros that DQd this race must have felt that way too! I have never been so close to quitting an IM. I have NEVER felt like quitting like this before (well except at Rage in the Sage half IM). So I am humbled and had to use all the mental tricks I have read about and never had to use before.

6) If I had not had such a shitty race, I would have not gotten to finish with H. That almost makes it worth it. Sure was fun coming in together!

7) Had I only even matched my best IM to date, I would have finished on the podium. But of course maybe those other gals were suffering too and would have kicked my ass anyway..

8) It is only a triathlon. Not life or death.

9) Maybe I overtrained. Maybe I undertrained for the heat conditions. Over 100 degree heat is not something I have been training in for sure. Maybe my body peaked a month ago. Who knows?

10) I got my PR 5 years ago when I was that much younger. Maybe this is all I can really do at this age..

11) Lastly, I know there are millions of people who would love to finish even one Ironman with the time I had. I guess I set the bar too high. I do have limits..

So off we go and this will fade into the sunset as we embark on our trip across Australia. I am still disappointed but I will go on and still race but only half IMs or less. Maybe take up competitve swimming? Seems that is the only thing I am getting better at..