Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sluggish re-entry..

Geez-finally I am blogging again. After getting back from Mexico, guess I have been on strike from training and blogging. Well, this past Monday, I finally got back on the horse and ran outside 3 whole miles with my daughter Allison, who promptly kicked my ass. She has been running a whole 6 months and already running 9min/miles but afraid she couldn't keep up in a running club. I assured her that I am a turtle in my triathlon club and certainly if she can whip her old mom's ass, she will be good to go in a running club in Long Beach. I see a little budding (26 year old) triathlete in her of course. Just the biking and swimming to go. Something really nice about seeing your kids get into sports as adults. I feel like the role modeling of good behaviors may outweigh the bad after all!

We have Lane, our little 4 yr. old granddaughter here for 2 weeks. The innocence of a preschooler is just too cute for words.

Here she is writing a letter to Santa. So adorable. We played with playdough this AM and I am now fully engaged in "Hannah Montana" and know the theme song quite well...

Lane is such a girl..

A bundle of energy, Lane is keeping Grandma and Grandpa on our toes!
We had our other daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter here on Sunday, Heather was here last night when we opened presents. Becca, Dan and baby will be here next Wednesday-yay! We have an overabundance of love this holiday season. Dinner later today with Nana Bea, where H will make a turkey and we will all eat bad sugar foods again.

I know I will be back in full force training after January 1st. For now I am doing what I feel like doing, which so far includes a spin class, 2 runs and a weight workout. Amazing how weak and sore I feel after taking 4 weeks off post Ironman!

I will get my writing muscles back again soon. I feel like my creative blogging juices are gone for now and that is OK...Looks like snow is coming to ABQ today..Will be a lazy day here in Grandma and Grandpa land. We are now on our 4th time watching the "Barbie Diamond Castle" movie...It's pretty bad really, but Lane loves it..over..and over...