Friday, June 6, 2008

"I am Woman Watch Me Roar"

For those who remember the Helen Reddy song..power to women!

I just found out that my new soon to be real live grandchild (in November) is another girl!!

For those of you who know me, there are only female genes in my family..I come from a family of 5 girls, have 4 daughters, 2 granddaughters and a girl dog.

H will have to continue to play "Bella Cheerleader" and may never get to throw that baseball! We are thrilled however. The little one already appears to have long feet. Maybe a dancing ballerina?


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Unscheduled day off..

Well, I was suppose to swim in Cochiti Lake this morning to get ready for Lake CDA, which is still bouncing from 50-53 degrees. I thought once a lake started warming up, it kept going up but noooo, apparently not in Coeur d'Alene. Cochiti today has this forecast:

so our little group decided this would NOT be a good idea (I draw the line at lightning and thundershowers) and will re-attempt tomorrow AM.

Therefore, I am staying in my jammies all day today! It has been probably months since I have done this but this is the only time/day I will be able to do this for awhile. OMG the lists are endless for home projects:

1. Balance the checkbook-do we have any money in the account?
2. Start packing for IMCDA-that will make it real.
3. Catch up on Oprah-thank goodness for the greatest invention ever-TIVO!
4. Well, maybe I will have to venture to Costco. we are pretty much out of everything. My wonderful hubby does all the shopping and cooking thank goodness because we would starve if he didn't right now.
5. Pay bills. The electricity went out the other night and I thought maybe I had forgotten to pay the electric bill until I saw the whole neighborhood was out too.
6. Stretch! My whole body feels like I went through a meat grinder. What happened to the 30 something year old body I was feeling a couple of weeks ago? Apparently she aged overnight!
7. Did I mention the laundry-e..n..d..l..e..s..s..!!

I have been pretty grumpy. Well to be honest irritable is not even close. More like irrational bitch! Today I seem to have a better attitude..

I went biking yesterday and felt like sh%$&t! I couldn't even keep up with the slow group. And I am going to do an Ironman? I cut my ride down by 45 minutes. Legs heavy, tired, did I mention grumpy?

H stayed with me-he is my hero.. for better or worse..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Highlights of my taper..

1. It really doesn't seem like I am tapering. Did a 5000 yard swim yesterday (yes, in the pool-2 hours).I guess now I am tapering from the swim.

2. I am hungry all the time. It has turned from gosh I am hungry more than usual to I am ravenous..shoving food into my mouth at meals, etc.. Trying to eat healthy but bread especially sounds good all the time..

3. I hate speed work. I would rather do a 3 hour run than an hour speed workout.

4. I am starting to make lists. Endless lists for IMCDA. Makes me feel better..

5. I am now officially tired. I need a break from training. After that swim yesterday I thought, Oh my gosh, I cannot swim another lap in this gross pool with little kids in it who probably pee and I am swallowing it..etc...

6. IMCDA Lake seems to heating up. It is a balmy 53 degrees now. I can swim in that-no problem..

7. My mother in law mentioned to H the other day that I was too skinny and needed to put on some weight. Now that is a first..The Ironman diet (eating like a pig but endless training) must be working..Oprah is on a 21 day "cleanse diet" Maybe I should tell her about the IM diet..

8. I finally got my laundry done and put away from our trip a month ago...

9. I bought the perfect Ironman outfit the other day. I will post a picture later. CWX shorts and a bra top..

10. I feel excited about the trip to Idaho. We are staying at Yellowstone for 2 days on the way..

My brain seems to only work in these short spurts these days so that is it for today..