Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Short non-creative post..really..

The whole world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket on the economic front, but I choose to keep the blog light:

It is four and a half weeks before the big day of IMAZ and the birth of my grand baby, little Hadley. Which comes first is to be determined by the little one..

My week has looked like this:

Saturday: 100 mile ride, followed by a 30 min brick run.

Sunday: 3 hour run

Monday: 20 miles on the bike with our new coach Eric, in the foothills up and down hills. Followed by a 3500 swim, with tips from Eric again..

Tuesday: hour track workout with 3 & 6 minute intervals. Also a quick gym workout.

Wednesday: 45 mile pretty easy paced bike and 1:10 min. easy paced run

Today: We will do a 4500 yd swim and short weight workout.

Why I am not curled in a ball in fetal position is beyond me. Actually as the week as worn on, I am feeling better and better..go figure.

A few things I have changed in this last month of training. Don't most people hire a coach to get them through the last month? Probably not..but I am SO glad we did. H wanted some bike tips...I am along for the ride mostly on that. But the I am cautiously saying this but I think after 7 years of triathlon, I may be getting faster! I have learned more from the Coach in 2 swim sessions than I have since I started swimming again as an adult. And this includes all the years in Masters I swam. I got so excited I ordered a new wetsuit yesterday:

Yep, a new Blue Seventy..This should give me the best chance for a swim PR..

I also decided to get a round of A.R.T. before the race so my back would stop hurting. It has bothered me for about 6 weeks now, getting more consistently painful over time. Dr. Scott is helping me with this and after 2 treatments, I have no pain at all. Magic!! I have always heard good things about ART and now I works..

I feel as if all my creativity is kind of on survival mode right now so that is it....Just a report of the latest training stuff. And Becca is feeling good and pregnant..things going well there. The rest of life goes on..the laundry piles up..I am incessantly hungry all the weight is the same.. some of my family is getting annoyed because we are training so much and not available..I have already voted...I found a new bike mechanic...etc...