Saturday, March 22, 2008

Schizophrenic bike day..

This is my bike profile today. Pretty discouraging Ironman training day. I felt like dog-doo-doo going up, then like a pro coming down on my new bike. I need either more gears on my cassette or a completely new body..Think the latter is a long shot.. I am not even saying how long this took me.

My coach is awesome. We had a good talk in Boulder. My bike fit was pretty good already. My ass hurts today...

That's it for today..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The thing about Denver is..

I know that if I lived in Denver, Colorado, I would be faster. I know this because that is where I am right now, visiting my daughter and meeting with my coach (later today). There are really two grades to train on here in Denver-up and down. Now I will say that Denver has by far, the best cycling/running trails any where I have ever been. It is lovely really to just walk out the door and start riding on a street where the bike lanes are as big as car lanes. For miles, and miles and miles you can go on a street like that. Or, as I did yesterday, you can hook up with a bike path that goes about 100 miles if you want to. The only issue is that it is literally up and down and no flats here. That made it difficult to see if my new Cervelo P2C tri-bike was making me faster or not. For one, I lost 2 gears for the up hill. I may need to put a bigger cassette on right off the bat. Or walk my bike up hills, which would not really do much for my psyche. Anyways-training on these hills would just automatically make me stronger. And I thought Albuquerque was hilly! After riding 30 miles yesterday, I had a 1 hour 10 min. "run" Man, I was really tired!! There was alot of walking by then to keep the old heart rate below 130. Today I found a really nice 25 meter pool at a local rec center to swim in and then I did it. I copped out on my weight workout! I feel so guilty doing this but I have not really had a rest day for 2 weeks (my own fault-last Friday went snowshoeing with friends). There was this moment ,when I passed the really fabulous looking gym with ALL the equipment I could ever want in it for my workout, I had a choice. Either go into this great facility and experience weight lifting in Colorado. OR go back to Becca's house and eat. Well, the eating thing won of course! Now I feel the guiltiness creeping in..what if this is the workout that will make or break me in 3 weeks in the Half IM in Nevada? Jeez, I am officially giving that up for the rest of the day. I am meeting with Luis at 5:00 today in Boulder to get my bike fit. Maybe that will be taxing enough!

Oh-my new bike is very sexy... It is red and white-pictures soon, I promise!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Political observation...

Regardless of your political views, this is one of the best speeches I have ever heard: