Saturday, March 29, 2008

A dog of a day...

I rode with my girl Pirate today. Now here is a woman who makes you feel good about yourself, even when you suck-a true friend indeed. Honestly though, I really think I was actually going faster up the hills today-still keeping the heart rate below 135! My seat is raised 1/2 inch per Coach's instructions. The good news-did I mention I was faster today? The bad news-my ass HURT!! Now I am going to have to find something to fix that. Either change the seat or wait until I break it in. OR get super, super padding on my bike shorts. I'm thinking diapers at the moment..Wonder if anyone has heard of these? They are (for real) called "Assos" bike shorts. They cost a fortune but I am willing to shell out the change if they will save my "ass". H said he read that they are all hype. Oh decisions, decisions...I forgot how sore my butt can get Ironman training. This is after riding only 47 miles today so something must be done before the long rides kick in.

The ride was followed by a welcome run. It was suppose to be a 30 min. run. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring my old dog Mocha with me. Now there was a time when she would pull me along on our walks, me being the one out of breathe and trying to keep up. Well, today her age was showing more than mine. You see, she is 13 years old, a 55 lb. dog-on borrowed time I know. Today after about 15 min., my ego momentarily got a boost as she could not keep up with me. Then I realized, "Oh sh%^^*t! I am killing my dog!". She was breathing heavy and I was basically dragging her home for the last 5 minutes of what ended up being a 25 min. walk/run. When we got home, she lapped up water, laid on the floor and would not move! H called-I told him I was sorry but I think I caused Mocha to have a heart attack. She was still panting and wouldn't get up. When he got home, eventually she got up for a treat and went outside. I am breathing a sigh of relief! I think our running days together are over, which makes me feel sad just thinking about it. Her days may be numbered afterall but who knows?

Soooo, in summation of the day: I had a fairly good ride, fair run, did not kill my dog, got some good stories from Pirate while tooling up Tramway, have a sore butt and ate waffles and syrup as a reward when I got home.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here she is...

Here is my new steed. I guess it is a female bike since I keep calling it "she". I am getting use to her and her seat (Profile). So far, I am not getting any speed up the hills but on the flats-she is awesome.
I now, after 2 races, have first place standing in the Southwest Challenge Series. Of course this is the year I am not doing many Series races, so that will change soon. However, at least, for this one moment in time, I can claim first place and my competition is scared, I'll bet! Riiiiighttttt......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Newest member of my family..

We like to grow girls in my family. I am the middle sister of 5 girls. I have 4 daughters, 2 grandaughters and a girl dog (well, she is like a daughter to us after 13 years). There are, however, a few male chromosomes in the family. My youngest sister, Peggy, had 5 boys and 1 girl. Now that was a a swtich. Anyway, her oldest son just had a new baby, a preemie, who is my "grand niece". Her name is "Tovia", which means " God is good". I really like that name. She has an oder brother and sister. She is 2 lb.20 oz, breathing on her own, which is amazing. I think she looks pretty good being such a little peanut! Many thoughts and prayers with Toby and Jenny, the proud parents..

Monday, March 24, 2008

Addendum to weekend training report..

I ran 9 miles on Sunday in 12/min mile pace keping my HR below 135 which for me is some kind of record. So I am back in the groove. Breaking in the bike will take some time I guess..