Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random post Memorial Day thoughts..

Random thoughts and experiences:

We just got back from Denver visiting Becca, Dan and baby Hadley. Hadley is starting to get the happiest disposition on earth. I have never seen a child so happy..well maybe not this year. She brought us more joy in 4 days than anyone can imagine..honestly..I know they eventually outgrow the baby phase and get into the "terrible twos" someday but until that happens, I am happy Grandma Debi . Even the older, more challenging phases are "cute" to Grandma and Grandpa most days!

It rained alot there this weekend but Becca and I managed to obtain and plant some awesome flowers! Seems to be a family tradition between her and I now that we have become "flower gardeners"in the last couple of years. Something I never really saw myself as doing but I do have vague memories of my maternal Grandmother and her "Rose gardens". She would get up everyday in the summer at 5:00 AM to weed and tend to the flowers. A genetic trait part of gardening I did not inherit..

Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 triathlon is a mere 4 and 1/2 half weeks away. We are meeting with our Coach, Eric for the next 4 weeks for some fast and furious training sessions before the big race for the summer. Eric is an amazing young man, who is the kind that you wish you had if you had a son. He is very motivating, young- yet wise for his years. I leave our workouts feeling like I really could do well despite my age or other limiting factors..

We swam today and I learned that the damn left hand does not cooperate 90% of the time so need to work on that really hard! Also practicing the sprinting at the beginning of the swim so I can get in front of the fray and not have a panic situation that I just experienced at Buffman and Squeaky. This is just something I need to teach myself to do and master. A new skill. The goal is to swim like hell for 300 yards or so, then settle back into an endurance rate. Can I do this? Well, after today I think I can.

I love to travel. I love to see my kids, go to races, be in the thick of a new and exciting world of adventure. But MAN I love being home, sleeping in my own bed. I guess I am a creature of habit that way...getting more like this as I grow older...

We are doing this in 2 weeks. just to say we did it: