Saturday, January 10, 2009

It is a new year!

There are several reasons I haven't blogged for awhile:

1. Family here for 17 days over the holidays. I had a GREAT time with all the kids and grand kids. There is almost nothing better!

2. I got these annoying acrylic nails on to stop my compulsive nail biting habit. But they are about to come off because the nails are so annoying when trying to type.I may try the shorter version first.

3. I have been very busy playing with my new toys. The Neuros OSD
which is suppose to easily digitalized all my old home movies only I didn't realize it doesn't actually store the movies, you have to do that on a external drive. All of this is way more technical than I wanted it to be but I am trying to make it all work. The only problem is there is a annoying counter on the VCR tape that is showing when I playback and of course we can't find the old remote..blah...blah..blah..I'll get it done one of these days so we can remember what the kids & we were doing years ago..

Second toy is the Neat Receipt which is the coolest thing ever!! Goodbye mountains of paper receipts that I keep forever "just in case" . You just run the receipt through the mobile scanner, put it in a file on the software, shred the evidence and voila! have no paper..As a major Virgo organized, but menopausal neat freak, this is like manna from heaven.

Third toy is the Flip Video H got me for our anniversary..I love it although I didn't realize this version is not HD so will be returning it to Costco and getting the HD version soon.

Becca and Dan got us the updated version of the "digital frame" It is wireless and somehow magically (I still can't figure this one out) gets my pics from Kodak Gallery online and displays them in this. Can they build a better mousetrap than this? I can now look at at least 400 pictures while working in the kitchen..Very cool indeed! This is the simplest mechanical toy I received. Thank you Becca and Dan!!

OK so now I have room to breathe and write and train again. I have felt so good training since our month off. Wow! What a difference...and no 2 Ironmans hanging over my head this year-I am free!! I loved doing what I did last year but it did take a toll on the ole' 54 year old body. Hey I age up this year! Yay!!

My totals for 2008 were:

Bike: 4317 miles
Run: 809 miles
Swim: 229,146yds

I look at this and think I did that? Well, when you don't work it is pretty easy actually! This year will be a more balanced life for H & I. I want to see those grandkids more!

I am back on track training for the OC marathon in May. This will be the first in our rather sparse racing schedule this year. I feel rejuvenated, rested and ready to get back to running and biking. Well I have only biked outside once since IMAZ but it is a start! I was grumpy that day as the wind was suppose to be blowing 5 MPH and of course in was 20 MPH! that is one thing I need a kick in the pants to get back on track. I feel a little lost without any coaching. I am using a Marathon program from Beginner Triathlete, then adding our own bike and swims to get a base for the half IM in June. We ran yesterday in 25 degrees and wind of course. It really wasn't so bad...I felt like I could have run longer than our 90 minutes.

That is it in a nutshell. My goals for 2009 are simple. Enjoy my life, stay healthy and be positive! This is a pretty great life we have and I will breathe in all I can while I can..