Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update and looking ahead...

As we wrap up 2008, we are already plotting our 2009 "challenges". I am already signed up for "Beach to Battleship" half IM in November. H is threatening to change to the full IM but I will NOT be joining him in this endeavor. Two in one year will carry me for awhile..We are also signed up for Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 in June. I just looked and there are only 5 women so far in my new age group!! Now if I could only learn to go faster to place! I may be looking to Eric to help me with this. He has proven to be a great coach in the swimming Dept. so maybe will hire him again...I don't know how serious I want to be about racing this year. The only reason I may want to try and go faster is because now I am racing in my new...ahem..age group-women 55-59 since my 55th birthday is next year..I am seeing that the numbers drop off the older we women get probably because most women see that there is more to life at this age than trying to relive our childhood dreams of winning a damn race but alas I do not think I am there yet. Still in high school trying to win that 100 yard swim!

H seems to have too much time on his hands even with the 4 year old running around because he has come up with 2 more events for us. One is the O.C. Marathon-well actually I picked that one because it had more appeal than the "Shiprock Marathon" in the desert. And little Lane lives less than 15 miles from Newport Beach, where the marathon is being held. Sea level too..ok maybe I will be doing that. Then last night as he was surfing the internet, of course he found a century ride in Lake Tahoe for us to do in June, a couple of weeks before BSLT. Will someone please give this man a job? I am worn out already! Not really, I am sure I will "have fun"at all these events. Then throw in Jay Benson sprint triathlon in May and Socorro in August and there we go...I am looking forward to doing less racing, more retirement this year. With 3 grand daughters to see now, I am counting on seeing those little ones more.

My body seems to be fully recovered from IMAZ. I am so glad I took a whole month off! My running, though short distances (5 miles the other day) seems to be easy. Back to weights... Allison being here has been helpful in getting me back on track. We are going to the gym frequently while she is here and taken 2 spin classes-her first!

I have been on track with my eating for the most part. Well except for for the "sugar free" white cakes we polished off... Now there is an oxymoron.."sugar free cake"!! I haven't checked my weight recently but clothes still fit..