Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Details to Follow..

I honestly don't remember how this got started now..Seems we were looking at Ironman Races overseas, then there is the Milford Trek in New Zealand being planned for next March. Then we saw that there were only 1,000 people or so in the race and the idea was hatched...Hey why don't we do Ironman Western Australia? We make numbers 101 & 102 that have signed up for the race. Say what? There is one other woman in my AG who is from Hawaii (there goes my Kona slot!)..The course looks fairly "easy" although winds can be a factor. Wind, shmind, we have that one down pat! In my ever growing enthusiasm about the race, when they asked me what my estimated swim time was, I said 1:10...and overall estimated time 14:00 hrs! What was I smokin' last night?

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Of course this means we can't join all our local Ironman buddies at IMSG in Utah in May. Not as athletes anyway. However we are on board to sherpa and be volunteers at that race to cheer our peeps on..I feel a little sad about this and even entertained the idea of doing both but since we want to travel for 2 months after the Aussie competition, this is not practical..I have to admit even I have limits. Doing two IMs last year was a bit daunting and taxing on the 'ole body, I must admit..We can still train with our buds when we get back, yet stay inside on the COLD, WINDY days like we had the last week...

So much planning to do. I am in talk with a triathlon travel agency, although things seem a bit laid back over there. When I asked how we could get our bike sent back from Busselton (blogspot spellcheck does not recognize Busselton..hmmm) while we travel after the race, the person responded, you can just wait until you get over there and see...Hmmmm..may be time to research another travel company..I think things roll a bit different down under..

We are massively excited about this adventure. This is our dream.. to travel endlessly like really retired people...Now that the Internet will keep us relatively on the pulse of what is happening at is more of a reality to do.

So now we have a half IM in June, half IM in November and Busselton in December..gulp..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh yes we did!

It is official..
We have lost our minds..

Details to follow!