Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprise go ahead..

H and I were discussing the word "envy" yesterday. I have a good life, no I have a great life! I do what I want, pretty much when I want to do it and am not responsible for many things..We train, sleep in, eat what we want, travel where we want to. There is not much in my life I want. So who do I envy when life is so wonderful?
This woman:

This woman "decided to do an Ironman" and went about 3 hours below her expected time and qualified for Kona. Her marathon time was her PR for a marathon and could have qualified her for Boston. Are you kidding me? She also felt really strong the last 10k of the IM marathon. Seriously? Oh and she does not have a coach or really a training plan...No way!

I, for once would like to surprise the hell out of myself and just do great things in a race. Just by surprise..Oh my gosh I felt so good, I SMOKED that marathon and just surprised myself by coming in 2 hours below my goal time! Who does that??

I hear of these folks and this is where my envy kicks in. While the rest of us are busting our asses training for triathlon, most of us are lucky to just get a PR. Just barely...I wanna be one of those people who just comes in at 13 hours and Gosh I had no idea I was going that fast!

Probably will never happen. Because I am not a freak of nature and have huge lungs, great resolve, physical denial or whatever it takes to accomplish this..

Good luck to this woman although there is a part of me that wishes she were just mortal like the rest of us!