Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This and that..

Surviving the dog not being around. It is harder than I thought it would be..I look for her in the mornings still. Think of the 9+ years we took her for her daily walk every afternoon. Miss her little face and being able to pet her. Someone who depended on us. This is the first time in my adult life I do not have someone totally dependent on me, well except H and he does not really count. Who are we without our kids at home, pets to take care of? A new identity that has not completely formed I suppose. The grief of losing pets is very real. I look at some pet grief sites and some folks take years to get over it. I hope this is not me. I already feel better than a week ago so maybe not so long. H and I talk about it, how hard it is, how we miss M&M..

Ankle report: I went to the doctor as I reported. He said probaby not to run for 10 days (last Wed). So I am doing my best to take his advice. I was suppose to run 11 miles on Sunday. I only walked 3.5, then 4.5 mile walk on Monday. Walking uses different muscles, I am discovering. My hamstrings are sore! At least I feel like I am doing something! H is injured too so we both will be walking 10-12 miles this Saturday. That should be interesting. I will start to run next week, as long as my ankle is pain free. I feel it only occasionally now.
Yesterday we did speed drills on the bike. That was HARD..

We had a swim lesson the other day with Coach Eric. I felt fast! With him yelling at me at every turn PULL! it was no problem. I get lazy and do not do such a great job pulling when he is not there yelling. I will have to have an imaginary yelling coach in my head I suppose as I practice from now on. I really think I could nail a 1:10 swim at IMWA, all conditions in my favor and the water is calm.

The weather is turning cold. We are off to ride bikes with our Wed AM group. It is in the 40s so leg warmers, gloves are in order now.This weekend we will be doing a century organized ride in Acoma Pueblo. This is where I will really be able to tell if I am in shape...The run thing scares me as I lose valuable miles injured but if I can keep up my bike and swim training, I am hoping it will all be OK come race day..
Massage this afternoon..Ahhh...