Saturday, October 18, 2008

Less drama this week...

The weather man lied. The wind blew about 15 MPH for the last 2 hours of the ride. Mostly headwind. We got through a total of 100 miles including 2 pretty big hills, a couple of flat tires. The first one was H's. I am faster in tire changing Dept. and he is better cooking. So it all evens out at the I was putting on the spare tube, my finger ran along the inside of the tire and OW! I sliced my finger on a piece of glass stuck in the tube. I could be really dramatic here and say how I bled like a stuck pig and had to have intense pressure on it to stop the bleeding before I pulled out my trusty band aid, which I now carry on all my rides...oh that is exactly what happened. Here i am in the middle of that episode:

MG thought it was Facebook worthy. That is blood on my mouth and tongue. I look like I just got done eating a wild animal or something...

We carried on without any more real excitement. At one point with the wind in our faces, I was bitching and Michi said At least it is not hailing! That made me laugh because now all our rides will be base lined against the ride from hell last weekend, which makes all other bike rides seem like child's play..

MG wanted to go up another hill at the end and there was mutiny in the troops and we decided to do the last 40 miles flat-thank god!!!

Total miles: 100
Time: 6:42
How I felt: Like dog doo-doo the first half, pretty decent the 2nd half.

Followed by a 30 minute brick with MG and Michi...

After a call from Mark and Lorna, who thought we may be hungry..Oh no not at all, we are just about to wolf down anything we can get our hands on..we met them for a great pasta dinner and now.....I am wiped out..

On to a 3 hour run tomorrow..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Riding tomorrow AND...

This is the forecast for tomorrow:

W 9 mph
Max. Humidity:
UV Index:
6 High

nuff said...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Less is more..

I am crying uncle!! When I feel like I am over training, I start to get diminishing returns on my biking, running and swimming. Today we took off for a 3 hour bike and about halfway through I felt so lousy and could barely push myself up the hills. So I cried UNCLE! and said I needed to go home. That was that, I was done... Not to mention there is still friggin' wind here and I was freezing when we started into a headwind. I am having PTSD from Saturday's ride I guess. My back hurts, I am exhausted -so I am bagging the run I was suppose to do today. I am in my pajamas and it is mid-afternoon. I am laying on the couch and feel like I may not move for a week.

Such is life in Ironman training world. It consumes everything. Very selfish unbalanced sport really when I think about it..That is why no more "just 2 IMs" in a year. The half Iron distance seems to be just enough to not completely take over. The full IM training just feels like too much. Even though I am not working it still is overwhelming training right now. The thing that makes it tolerable is training with H and looking forward to seeing him finish. I love the long rides with my crazy IM Outlaw friends, even if they are torture like Saturday's ride...

We are hiring a swim coach. I know a little late in the game. We found this fellow who appears to swim like a fish and that is what I want! I want to be 25 years old and swim like a fish! OK, well maybe not the 25 year old part is possible but I really think I could PR this whole IMAZ thing if the stars are aligned right and I have the race of my life. Anything is possible...Swimming better will help.

I looked (unfortunately) and out of the 60 or so women in my AG at IMAZ, I am 2nd to the oldest! That kinda sucks for me...So if I happen to get a PR, it will have to be among the youngin's in my AG. Damn!! There goes my Kona slot. Ha!