Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday thirteen:
(ripped off from Geekgirl, blatantly-although she is infinitely more creative than I am or at least willing to put more energy into her blog than I am)

1. I just spent 6 days with my bestest, oldest girlfriends, two of which I met when I was 8 years old, the other around 12. We have the most fun when we are together, which is anywhere from every year to every 5 years, depending on our lives. We come from Hawaii, Ohio and then there is me-here. This year, for our 55th birthdays, we spent a week here in NM, where I played tour guide, which meant I actually had to remember what the sites of NM are; Santa Fe, Taos, Chama, etc..We had a meaningful, fun, nostalgic time. I even corrupted one of my friends and she put her first quarter in a slot machine at Sandia Casino. I am still a bad influence! I cannot believe I have had these women in my life for 47 years!

2. Two weeks off from training should be making me depressed but I feel like I am on a vacation just from that..Just to plan my days around something other than training is a treat..really it is..By Monday, I will be just insane enough to start our 20 week program for Ironman Western Australia..

3. I cannot seem to decide what program to use for this IM. I have tried many approaches it seems. I come back to good ole' and their "intermediate" plans, which seemed to get us through BSLT and a half marathon. That, along with track workouts with Coach Eric and swim program possibly from him, and I think we will be good.

4. Tickets to Australia and new Zealand for 2 months starting Thanksgiving Day..done! Accommodations in Busselton, Australia, home of IMWA...done! I have my beloved husband/travel agent extraordinaire to thank for this. Just tell me where to go honey and when..I will be so there!!

5. My mother in law is not doing so great right now. Without going into detail, it seems she has nine lives and I am just hoping this is her 5th or 6th she is working on right now...The stress of having a loved one ill is so very familiar to me. My parents both suffered for many, many years with chronic illnesses before they died at pretty young ages, both in their 60s. So it brings bad sad memories when I see my MIL sick like this..I am so aware that every day is precious with those we love, even if it is painful, stressful and downright an emotional roller coaster at times!

6. Can I come up with 13 things tonite?

7. Holy cow is there anything on the news except Michael Jackson? I have mixed emotions about this. I do believe he changed our music world and was such a great singer and star but now it is just getting into the "dirt." This disturbs me for some reason...Like a train wreck, I just keep watching..

8. My flowers this year are blooming out of control! I finally think I have a system that works. Oh, like watering every day! And the hanging ones..I put them on the ground every other day after watering, wait 45 minutes and water again..Voila! No dead hanging flowers! (so far)

9. Now that I have my maiden name on Facebook, I am hearing from really old friends from childhood. This is awesome except I have bits and pieces of my memory chips in my brain that are missing so I can only remember part of why I know them or what happened back then. They, however seem to remember much more..remember the time we went such and where and we did such and so.. then I start to get really worried about what the hell did I do with this person and why can't I remember? Oh man, it sucks getting old. If you are young, start a diary or you too, will forget someday..

10. I got my haircut by a new hairdresser yesterday. I have been through a few of them over the years. One for several years..I felt like we broke up when I left him..This guy was spot on with the color and cut..I must admit when the first chop went with the scissors, my heart skipped a beat. Oh well it is only hair..I told myself. Thank goodness I love it and have gotten tons of compliments!

11. I feel like Buffalo Springs was eons ago and really has only been 2 weeks, almost..The disappointment over my race is completely gone! Amazing how time heals all wounds..And really, in the scheme of is only triathlon..not life or death.

12. I have lost 3 lbs. Not training! Go figure!

13. This is the end..I love my life and am grateful everyday for my friends, my family and the incredible life I have..that's it!

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