Friday, August 22, 2008

A motivation to run faster..

I ran with some of my Colorado Relay Team -mates last night. In the dark..I almost didn't go because I knew I could not possibly keep up with these people. Their idea of a jog is my PR in a 5 mile run. I was really grumpy when I got there thinking what the hell am I doing here? I am not even running in this damn relay-I am a driver! I have always felt an inferiority complex in the running department. Stems from my swimming days as a kid when I was one of the slower kids (another therapy session I can feel it coming). Anyways, here I am with Dread Pirate, Bones, and some other fast running peeps. I basically knew unless I wanted to run in the dark, by myself, on an unsafe river trail, I would just need to suck it up and run fast. So I did. I ran as fast as I could until DP finally said, OK time to turn around. Little did she know I was about to throw up and was screaming inside When is this going to be over?? We turned around and I managed to keep the pace until about a half mile to go. I said I was going to just jog it in and they said We are jogging! Now my ego was really bruised, but I slowed it up and jogged in at my pace. The whole run was 5 miles. I did it in 55 minutes which seriously for me, is fast!

The key to get faster is to run with faster people. I know this. I realize it goes against all the Mark Allen principles. I am questioning if I can even get consistently faster at my age. I am really proud of myself that I was able to keep up last night even if it was only 50 minutes. That was my speed session of the week..

Today I feel surprisingly good. I am off to the second day of a somewhat interesting seminar on problem gambling. It makes me never want to put a dime in a slot machine for fear I might become addicted. Very scary stories of folks who lose everything due to gambling...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some drivers are just BAD people..

OK so we were cycling down a busy 4 lane road and came to a stoplight. There was a right turn lane and we were going straight. So, in usual fashion I got on the white line between the straight lane and turning lane. Then I hear this roar of a big truck engine right in my ear- a truck passes me, pulling a trailer with about a ton of stuff. Revving his engine just as he passed me, he swerved to within inches of me, obviously just to be mean. Then, I did something I haven't done probably since high school (forgive me Lane, Avery and Hadley should you read this when you grow up-Grandma Debi has a dark side):

I flipped him off!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I can tell my motivation has changed..

Training for IMAZ


H: Aren't you going to do the swim with me? (this is at 6:00 at night).

Me: Nah, I already ran over 10 miles today. I don't need it.

H: But that is what is on our IMAZ schedule for today! I want to do all the workouts.

Me: Yea I know but it is ok to miss one this far out.

H: I want to finish IMAZ-YOU made me this compulsive!!

Me: Bye honey..Have fun!

I am doing IMAZ to finish with my husband-that is it..H says I will get all competitive about my time as the event draws closer but I seriously doubt it!

Yesterday, I went for a run with some of my ultra fast running Outlaws. I feel incredibly intimidated by this bunch. I use to keep up with some of them on the bike, now not so much..Never been able to run as fast as some of these guys. Their idea of a long run is like 8 min. miles for 10 miles. SOoooo, we took off to do this run:

I decided 2 things:

1. I was going to keep my HR below 140.
2. I was going to have fun no matter what.

I succeeded in both. Although IronMisty was not havin' such a good time (her tell of it is hilarious), I managed to keep my spirits up as I walked up most of that hill. Then, I actually ran down the hill with one of the young guys, who told me at one point we were running 8.5 min. miles. Yep I was running that fast! For about 5 minutes! Then managed to keep running for my total 2 hr. 10 min run.

I really do want to get faster running. I am still training with the HR approach like Mark Allen, except I have bumped up my max aerobic HR a bit. Plus I think I need speed work on the run.

Speaking of running, as a result of my little jaunt yesterday (probably the downhill part), my quads are killing me today! Which means in my book, it is good for me. How did I ever come to this kind of thinking?

Meanwhile. I have created a monster in my husband. He has joined the cult. He has become the obsessive compulsive Ironman nuts that he use to despise in me. Who would have thunk?