Saturday, July 5, 2008

You know the ride is going south when..

1. You get your bike out to start the ride and it has a staple in the back tire.

2. You hit a bump and lose your yellow thingy that goes in your aero bottle and don't realize it until you are up the hill. You decide to get it on the way back, never find it and end up spilling liquids all over yourself at every bump. Sticky liquids!

3. Your favorite Ruby sunglasses you have had for years break in the middle of the ride and you end up riding without one of the side ear pieces and have sticky stuff from all the liquids on the remaining sunglasses.

4. You lose your Garmin at yet another bump, don't realize it for 3 miles, then have to ride uphill to go get it. You find it in the road and luckily it has not been run over.

5. You don't take enough nutrition and end up bonking on the brick/run after the bike.

6. It is 95 degrees and you wish you were in the 55 degree water at IMCDA again!

So that was my ride today. Not my best but did 57 miles and a wimpy 1 mile walk/run afterwards. Scarfed down a Dion's sandwich at record pace afterwards. Whew! Made it...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random dream and thoughts..

-I had a dream that I got lost at the Danskin Tri and still got first place. It was in the snow (Iknow-it is a dream you know). They did not have splits but I definitely won the swim.

-There are 27 women in my AG at Vineman. Not that I am really training or anything. The only training I have done since IMCDA is an hour run and my legs are sore..uh-oh..

-I'm heading out to the lake this AM to swim with H and the tri couple down the street. They rented a kayak so what the heck? I only have to bring my wetsuit, cap and goggles this time. What a treat with no extra warmth layers!

-This cough is getting downright annoying and I am running out of cough medicine (the good kind for night). Damn!

-My back lawn is dying for no particular reason. What a major pain in the butt!

-I feel grumpy!
Addendum: I went for a 1.2 mile OW swim this AM and did it in 40 min. Amazing how without all the extraneous sh%^$&*t how fast I can be! Oh and the water-like a bath of 68 degrees. Ohmmmmmm........

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to reality..

I finally got back to running today after 8 days off. I "ran" 5 miles in an hour. It was like this:

Run, run, cough, run, run, cough..I decided to actually take the antibiotics the Dr. gave me.

All in all I felt pretty darn good though post IM. Mark Allen says as soon as you can run 20 minutes without feeling your "marathon legs" you are recovered. I am there....

Now with 19 days until Vineman 70.3, I am hoping for my upper respiratory system to cooperate with the rest of my body..