Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts 4 days out from a half Ironman..

There is so much to write about:

1. Did the 5k run with half of the family on Father's Day. Who knew that H would get so fast that he beat 12 men in his AG to get 3rd? And Becca kicked ass to get 2nd place after having a baby 6 months ago. And me? I took one for the team and walked with Haldey in a stroller. Still averaged 13 min/miles..I have been getting sore way deep inside my left hamstring/inner thigh/back when I run longer than a mile lately..not a good sign if I have a race in 4 days!

2. Speaking of races, I am feeling quite prepared for the BSTL half IM this Sunday. I would venture to say that the only thing standing in the way of me getting a PR is ME!! Well, that and the 90+ degree Texas hot humid weather that it looks like I will be racing in..I have trained so differently this year. Fast paced, less miles..we shall see how that pays off. So far, except for the nagging left leg thing, I am feeling faster.

3. Speaking of faster, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks..I have officially become faster in the swim. At first I thought the totally new way of swimming I was learning was slowing me down but alas..the clock says nope-I am really speedier at least in the pool..I have been swimming since I was 4 years old so after 50 years who knew I could get more speed in this old body? Sure would like to kick the 5 hour half IM woman's ass in the swim..just sayin'....There are 13 women in my AG. Is that unlucky?

4. Speaking of dogs, mine is old. Really, really old..Mocha is 14 if she lives until July that is.. One day I think this must be her last week, the next, we are spending $50 at the Pet Store to keep her eating another day. She pees every night on the kitchen floor now so we bought the "pads" that she is suppose to pee on now so I do not have to mop my floor every morning! Dog owners understand the intense feelings of guilt (damn dog just go already!) and sadness (please live alot longer..please?) and fear of taking the poor old thing to the vet in case there is bad news..Next week we will take her in for a check up if she is still not eating well..Emotionally roller coaster you have me on Mocha!!

5. I do not know how I ever had time to work. Honestly..We have been running around like chickens for weeks now. I do not remember the last time we were home, by ourselves, resting just being retired! This retirement stuff is not for cissies! If you work, you can go and tell yourself that all that other stuff does not really matter and it does not get done. If you are retired, you see every little shitty thing that needs to be fixed, mowed, cleaned, gone through, organized..the list goes on..on top of that you gain weight so then have to train more so you can eat more while retired. It's hell-I am about ready to go back to work just to get a break!

6. Speaking of weight, I have started my modified liquid diet today until race time. This includes chicken noodle soup, ensure, bagels, pasta, spaghetti sauce, etc..I am trying to keep my "problem" on the run that involves many trips to the bathroom or bushes, to a minimum. It has worked in the past...hope it works this time...I hate those bushes..

OK, so tomorrow we are off to Lubbock. Hopefully Mocha survives another kennel trip, my mother in law feels better and my house gets cleaned magically while I am gone. Well, actually we have someone cleaning it and the windows (I could not stand them another day)!

I am ready, well trained, for this race. Bring it on!! Left leg be damned!

Next week my 3 best friends from childhood are coming to NM for a week so we will run around the state while I am a tour guide and be silly middle-aged women who think they are still 16 years old!