Saturday, June 14, 2008

I did it!!!

Well, it has all cleaned up to this (plus bike, computer bag and bike bag of stuff):

We are off today for Taos for my granddaughter Avery's birthday party-she is two today!! Then hopefully will get to Denver or Cheyenne, where we will be spending the night tonite..

We will make it to Gardiner, MT on Sunday and spend 2 nites there and sight see in Yellowstone. Then off to Coeur d'Alene on Tuesday-yay!!!

More later..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The anal retention is exposed..

This one is for lbtepa (oh and this is just the beginning)-as you can see my actual progress is far from reality:

Wetsuit (2) Bike
Under wetsuit shirt
Swim suit
Goggles (2)
Race cap/extra cap
Body glide
Towel for transition
Wetsuit cement

Bike shoes
Bike gloves
Race wheels
Sunglasses (2)
Cycling shorts
Rain jacket
Leg warmers
Arm warmers
Tubes/extender (2)
Tires (2)
Tire levers
Patch kit
Tool kit
Water bottles/aero bottle
Co2 cartridges
Salt tablets

Shoes-2 pair
Race number belt
Running shorts
Long Sleeve shirt
Reflective Tape
Moistened towelettes
Blister Pads

Post Race
Comfortable post race shirt
Comfortable post race pants
Comfortable shoes
Endurox-post race

Misc Race
HR monitor (1)
Garmin (2)
USAT card/Health Insurance card
Electrical Tape
Warm-up Clothes
Medical case-Advil, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol,

Protein for Oatmeal
Protein for drink
Yammit Bars

Hair ties
Razor/shaving cream
2 extra bathing suits
Lounging pants/PJs
beach towel
Extra Socks
5 pairs shorts
Hair Clips
Extra running shorts
5 shirts Hair Dryer
Extra running shirt
2 pair pants Brush
Extra Bike shorts/shirt
2 T-shirts
Radio B
Baby shampoo
2 skirts
Regular Shampoo
Sandals-2 pair
Computer & cord
Pepto Bismol
Cortisone Crèam

Ipod Shuffle
Key and letter for house
Garmin-mine and H's
Alarm clock
E-book and battery
Extra computer drive

2366, 2366, 2366..

That is my race number! I am trying to figure out some significance to it but so far all I have come up with is that the really high numbers are the "old ladies" That's OK..(I say through gritted teeth)...

Am I really doing an Ironman in 10 days, 29 minutes? I can't believe the day is finally approaching. I feel excited, happy, grateful that my body has held out after all this training. One lucky girl is who I am!

Yesterday I went for my final open water swim with GeekGirl, Cindy, Kathy and Maria to Cochiti lake. Now Maria has a good shot at Kona so I am pulling for her! Her very warm, precious Thermal Shirt had not arrived yet so I let her borrow mine. She loved it!! I also got to see the difference without it and yes, there is a noticeable difference. The water was supposedly 60 degrees but it sure felt colder as we swam for approx 2000 yds. There were some small waves lapping at our faces going out. All in all I felt very comfortable-this was my 3rd OW swim so I feel confident I can do it as long as the water gets up to above 55 degrees in Lake Coeur d'Alene (right now is 53 or something). The weather is expected to warm up over the next week (oh please God)...

I just checked-the water temp is down to 51 degrees. Holy Sh$^&*^t!

Afternoon found me at the track in the 30 MPH winds doing a speed workout. Not my best effort but got it done. Feels very funny after all these months to get the little feet moving faster. I downloaded all this soothing music on my Ipod Shuffle to listen to before the race. Yesterday's run was done by "dolphin noises" (I love dolphins) I visualized myself on the run at IMCDA, just sailing along, the dolphins carrying me. I know, cheesy-but whatever works!

Then came the "speed" workout on the bike. My bike is still at the shop (the new, "new" bike). That is a long story but the short version is I am suppose to get a new Dura-ace crank set on it but as of yesterday they had not arrived...Trying not to stress there..So did my "speed" session on a spin bike at the gym. Could not get my HR up for anything but did the best I could for 35 minutes.

Getting down to the wire. I am packing today and tomorrow. The lists are too numerous to delineate here and believe it or not, packing stresses me out more than the race. Here comes my "packing anxiety" The closest phobia I could find is "Hodophobia", fear of road travel, which doesn't quite capture the essence. I will call it "packophobia". Drives me nuts and I get paralyzed when thinking of starting the process. Just need to suck it up and do it. It is not rational, this anxiety...

Today is waxing and massage day (I know-rough day). These training days off are really confusing me!

I know-2366 is the number of times I have thought about packing without doing it! Or the number of times I have checked the water temp at Lake CDA...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Footprints in the Sand..

When I am in the middle of the run, I will think of this song and my sister Sara, who is my "One Thing." She died in 2001, of MS, suddenly at age 52. She was my oldest, big sister, who carried me so much in my younger years, when I needed encouragement and help. A selfless person, I know she is with me, even in these silly triathlon races. I feel her energy when I am down, when I think "I can't" she seems to make me feel like "I can."

This one is for you Sara:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I swam fast today. Not just the trudging, dragging myself through the water trick -but really fast (for me)..

We are on speed sessions for the most part now. Last week I could not get my HR over 150 to save my life on the swim. I thought, well that is it-I just can't do it!

Today, my swim workout (this was after a 2 hour run) was 3500 yds, 2000 of which were this:

(3X100s (fast), then 200 easy) X 4. I averaged 154-164 BPM on the old HR and 1:35-1:40 on the 100s. Now, if I could just translate this to really fast swimming in 51 degree water, I am good! Trying not to obsess too much about the IMCDA water temp but come-on!! 51 degrees? Are you kidding me?

Today's workout, coupled with my open water practice in balmy 60 degree Cochiti lake is making me more confident by the day. Hey, we will all be swimming in the same water right?

I keep having funny dreams about IMCDA:

1. My toe is severed off and I keep having to put it back on. I am about to miss the bike cutoff.

2. I am swimming in the lake and a fish bites my leg!

3. I am on the bike and my pedals aren't the right ones. I can't get my feet in them. I am yelling at someone who changed my pedals..

Can anyone say anxiety dreams? Why can't I have just one dream where I win the whole thing? Or finish in daylight?