Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There really is something wrong with this picture..

Now I have discovered that mental health professionals can have some of the most interesting issues. That is why we are attracted to the field.. Some of mine are more entertaining than others:

Sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing training so much. This is one of those days..I have aches and pains in weird places and one thing a hypochondriac is good at is taking and running with new aches and pains. Now the Internet can be a good thing but in the hands of a certified hypochondriac, it is a dangerous weapon. Case in point:

I have a severe case of Cyber-Chondria which appears every few months. For instance, my lower left abdomen hurts today-in one Internet search-that's it! I have ovarian cancer for sure..then I scare myself so bad that I am ready to go in and demand a test from my doctor. Who already thinks I am somewhat of a mental case since I requested a blood test 2 years ago just because I wanted to rule out any fear of cancer in that area-negative of course..I am also scared to death to see doctors as it is because I know modern medicine makes mistakes, lots of mistakes. A little knowledge can be dangerous. I worked long enough in the medical field to know that misdiagnoses happen and that medical people are fallible.

Nursing school was a nightmare because I was pretty much convinced I had every disease we studied..I mean it got a little difficult when Prostate cancer came into the reading but hey, if I could diagnose anything remotely from the symptoms I was having, real or imagined, I did. What is this about, I ask myself? Does it come in times I do not feel in control of my life? Or maybe that I am not taking care of myself so getting sick is the only way I can conceive of stopping the madness?

Oh man, I feel another therapy session coming on..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We beat the train!

Today we cycled up this pass:

With these friends:

After taking off 30 min. before the train....we beat the train to the top!

A great weekend with friends...