Friday, February 27, 2009

Just the highlights...

Its been such a long time since I have blogged, I do not know where to start...

So I just will touch on the highlights:

1. Training-I have my long term goals:

Buffalo Springs Lake triathlon half IM in June in Lubbock.

Beach2Battleship half IM in November.

And my short term goals: OC Marathon, which may get to be a half IM by the time May rolls around. I am thinking of doing a sprint tri in May, going to Phoenix in April for a bike ride, Lake Tahoe Century in June, some fill in races..

As far as my training for all of this, I am primarily running, though not enough really. The quality of my workouts are much more intense than last year...I am going the "speed workout" route. This has included track workouts, hill repeats..etc. I am riding once a week on my bike "long" with my tri buddies..For some reason, I decided I needed a change in pace and signed up for "Roy's time trial Spin class" Some call it Satan's spin class (DP)..I sometimes refer to this 2 hours of torture on a spin bike as lead by the "Spin Nazi". At any rate, it is at 5:30 AM, that is in the morning..And to think when I worked as a nurse for 17 years, this was my waking hour everyday..I swam Masters for years and got up that early-no problem...Now it is tough getting up..I know it is time limited but my body clock just doesn't run that early anymore..I am really hoping that this sufferfest is worth it..I am TIRED of being the last one up the hill, the one everyone is waiting for. It is getting really old! Then my loving hubby, who could not ride a bike 5 years ago has surpassed me. Yep-he is riding with the big boys in the front now..Uh, honey can you PLEASE not leave me behind by myself so much? That is me now! Nagging, bitch cyclist wife I am role for me..

H & I are seriously batting around the idea of doing Western Australia in December. Afterwards traveling across Western Australia, which is basically the size of the US, then hopping over to New Zealand and hiking the Milford Trail. That should all take a couple of least..Of course all depends on the health of one elderly mother in law and one elderly dog..we are dreaming for now..we hope it will become a reality..H is armed with travel books, we are hunkering down for some serious travel planning. This would mean another Ironman. Didn't I just say no more this year? Well, I forgot the pain, obviously and the course is FLAT, SEA LEVEL, WELL RUN, so far NO WOMEN in my AG. All of this makes me weak..I am just weak and addicted to these things, I swear..

2. Hormones- I am lathering on the creams daily for 3 weeks now, adjusting doses to get the least amount of side effects. It will take awhile for the verdict on this. Oh and by the way, these are bioidentical hormones, which from the research I have done, are safer and have less side effects than the synthetic, made from horse urine ones..The folks who disagree may be in cahoots with the drug companies, but don't get me started..

3. Grandparenting-my role as Grandma just keeps getting bigger. H & I are having fun seeing at least one granddaughter a month for many months now. We are now in Long Beach, spending time with Lane, our 4 year old, going on 30 one..She keeps us entertained with endless amounts of preschool energy...

There are so many things I want to do. Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by-there just isn't enough time or hours in the day..So far we are surviving the economic crisis pretty unscathed, for which I am grateful..

My online world continues to grow. Who would have thought I would meet a community of so many wonderful friends on the WWW?