Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New duds..

I have had an interesting training week. Monday I swam, Monday night I coughed all night. Tuesday back to the Dr. and got new antibiotics. Today rode 40 miles on my road bike, coughing is less with the new meds. I am getting really annoyed by the lingering cough. The Dr. says it is allergy related (infection) and that we have had 2 bad allergy years and the weather here in the SW is changing. Can anyone say global warming? I really hope this does not continue to be an issue, this whole coughing thing-I am nice to the environment-shouldn't I have good karma for that? I am a little worried about upcoming Vineman 70.3. There was a brief sense of dread that came up today while riding-like who the hell do I think I am signing up for 2 big races so close to each other? WTF??

I am headed to Ohio tomorrow to spend the weekend with my oldest friends in the world. My three best girlfriends from small town Ohio. We met when I was in the 4th grade. Once every few years we all get together and it is like we have never been apart, or grown up..We laugh and reminisce, just like high school..These girls know me better than anyone else, except Hartley I suppose. There is something about seeing the folks you grew up with that is special and rare. The people who knew you before life set in, tainting your perspective, rubbing you raw in places that were once innocent. They knew me in my baby skin, which is now all wrinkled and spotted. Finding memories that have been long forgotten in the recesses of my old menopausal mind..peeps who knew me at my awkward adolescent stage and still love me anyway. I am truly looking forward to this..

Retail therapy: I got me one of these today for an early birthday present (only 2 mos. early). Will be trying it out in the lake tomorrow and hopefully wearing it at Vineman.