Monday, May 18, 2009

Buffman and Squeaky Olympic distance Triathlon Report..

I reached 2 out of my three goals. That is not bad for this middle-aged 3rd week in a row race woman..

We traveled to Lubbock on Sat. AM in the wind and rain. It was disheartening to see the weather. I am thinking it  may not be so fun to race in this 50 degrees rain/wind. Michi and MG rode with us and we laughed and really had the best time all weekend.  We stopped in Clovis, NM on the way, where we met Muffinman for lunch. He told us all the highlights of training there, which took about 5 minutes (just kidding Carl). It was a fun lunch and we were to see Carl again in Lubbock for the race (he rocked it by the way, sailing by his competition for first place). Which made the more "challenging moments" way more fun. We arrived at the Homestead Inn in Lubbock late in the afternoon but decided to hightail it out to the lake to check out H's new wetsuit.We were definitely the only crazy ones out there swimming in the cold/rain/wind! We were literally in there (with 2 ducks) for about 5 minutes. OK, wetsuit works. The water temp was cold, but not too bad actually! I decided the hood was not necessary-I would overheat for sure.

Pre Race night
We went to Orlando's, a great Italian place in Lubbock for dinner. I pigged out, of course against my better judgement. I knew without a shadow of a doubt, this would come back to haunt me on the run the next did....
I could not sleep for the life of me that night.  I wasn't really nervous..We had lost an hour in Texas so there I was trying to go to sleep at 9:00 NM time..and getting more frustrated by the quarter hour. I finally managed to fall asleep, where I dreamed I was going back to work. Just as I was trying to explain that I needed ALOT of time off to travel, the alarm woke up-whew! That was a relief!

Race Morning:
Off to the lake early. The weather was perfect.  A little cool-in the 40s but clear, no wind..I repeat no wind! Ever..all day!  This is so bizarre for us! I met 5:38 half IM woman, who looked fast..of course..there goes my first place..I sausaged into my wetsuit which well, to be frank after gaining 10 lbs since I got it, was tight, to say the least. I thought it would loosen up in the water. The water felt cool, but not the 61 degrees the RD said it was...8:05 and boom! We were off! 

Swim: The plan was to stay with MG, who wanted to break the 30 minute mark on the swim too. I started swimming and was getting shoved and kicked and beat up and started to panic a little..MG drifted off..I couldn't catch my breath so I just stopped for a second to re-orient. This seemed to go on forever. I finally swam over to a kayak and just hung on. I kept saying my wetsuit felt like it was choking me but really I am a good swimmer! I felt like quitting then and there! Somehow kept going. I was way behind everyone it seemed by now. I kept swimming, feeling like I was about 2/3 way there and again felt that panicky feeling. I hung onto another kayak, again telling the guy I really could swim, no really...Like he really cared..probably thinking Yea if you are such a good swimmer-why are you hanging on to this kayak?..He was very reassuring though. I asked him to loosen the back of my wetsuit and that felt alot better so off I went. I was just thinking this was the longest mile swim ever and it was probably taking me an hour. I saw H somewhere in here so knew I could not be that far back. I got kicked  hard in the face at one point, thought I probably had a black eye (but didn't). Oh well, there goes my PR, just finish the race. The goal is to have a training day so just do it! I kept telling myself. Finally for goodness sake, it was over and they were hauling me out of the water at the end (It is steep). I saw Michi so again, knew I wasn't that far back. After a painfully long transition I was off on the bike.

Bike: It was a bit cold at first. The sun was out so I knew I would warm up quickly and I did. The first thing out of transition is a short, steep hill. It was tough but doable. Actually felt so good to get out of that lake, I was just happy to be on the bike. There was another hill or two on the bike but nothing bad. I raced without a watch, had no idea how I was doing but I passed a couple of folks. Saw H out there-he passed me. So did Michi. Just got it done...kept my HR in aerobic zone by feel. The weather was wind...around 70 degrees...the most perfect weather you will ever see in Lubbock! I passed a dead snake on the side of the road as big as Texas. That was scary! The last hill came-it is very steep,. I thought I had another hill and what a pleasant surprise when boom I was in transition again. I managed to get my shoes off on the bike and cruise in and hopped off the bike. My feet were numb..

Run: My feet were numb the first 3 miles on the run. This happens to me just about every time I race. I saw a guy with compressions socks and thought Wow should have brought mine with me-that would have helped! Note to self: remember the socks for Buffalo Springs half.. I went to the porta potty at T-2 of course then I was off. I planned to take the first half of the run slow, then pick it up a bit on the second half. Other than the 5 times I stopped to the bathroom, I did do that. At some point some other damn woman passed me in my AG, probably as I potty stopped. H was about 5 minutes ahead of me and she finished just in front of him-damn swim came back to haunt me! I felt so good running, I held back for the most part. It was such a great day at that point! The best part was when a young woman ran up behind me and said You are 55? Man you look so good. I have been trying to run you down thinking you were in my age group! I looked at her leg-it said 33! OK, after my dreadful swim, that made me feel better. I saw MG around mile 2 bringing it home and knew he was having a great race..H was doing really well too. I rounded the corner at the end, saw my 3 teammates and knew it was over! I crossed the finish line in 3:20, a PR by 5 minutes for an Oly! If I just would have had the swim I wanted, it would have even been better. And I held back on the run...This made it all OK..

Post Race: There were disgusting Texas style hamburgers at the end...yuk! We did stay for the awards, which were scrambled because of no chip timing. Everything got messed up but after some confusion, I did end up with 3rd place, behind Kona woman and that other woman that passed me on the run. The other woman took a first place award with the confusion, even though Kona woman beat her-what a beeyotch!! She knew she was second and took the first place! H knew she had not finished first. I hope I kick her ass at BSLT! Just for that reason.. yep they will both be there!!! Kona woman is very nice and she had a stellar race-she will get that Kona slot for sure!
H got first in his AG and PRd by about 15 minutes! 

Not sure of my splits yet as the whole no chip thing is not showing that but the PR is correct overall as I look this AM on the website. First and second in my AG is corrected and I still got third.  Michi said she did a 36 minute swim and we came in at the same time so I guess that is what I did. Which shocks me!! I thought for sure my swim was 45 minutes or more! I must have made up some time on the bike and run..

Coach Eric is getting a call this AM. I need help on that open water swim thing!!! 

Post Race:  We got back to the hotel for a late checkout. Despite a very scary moment when H slipped and fell in the shower because there was no bathmat in the shower and it was so slippery (he is OK), we all fared the race well. Some very tired 4 people drove home from Lubbock in the afternoon after pizza again at Orlandos, ice cream on the way home and much laughter in the car. We had the best time with our friends! This is always my priority at these things-to have fun with friends!!!

Today, I am sore and TIRED!! No more racing until Buffalo Springs Lake half IM on June 28th!