Tuesday, August 28, 2007

inof on mahu picchu


About to start the trek!

first of the all, the computer i am on has really different keys so there will be no capitals in this blog. i also have liimited time so here goes-
we are in cusco (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=address&addtohistory=&address=&city=Cusco&state=Cusco&zipcode=&country=PE&location=cylra3BX8Yo%2fQ6UNsQnihThObb0IQNQkiPM0JoEcAcIRvFHJj5bJuNEyEM5yE7wPROfIhjcAj7Kq%2fvLg9Clsz5swxs1JlDLj&ambiguity=1), a beautiful old city in peru. when i say old i mean cobblstone streets, old churches, fantastic squares and sonderful people. we have spent the last 2 days touring in around the city. we went to the sacred valley 2 days ago, which had amazing inca ruins and the scenerey here is unbelievable. huge moutains, rivers. it is warm during the day -70s-freezing at night. the camping trek should be interesting.
we are headed for machu picchu, which has been voted one of the seven wonfers of the world. i guess it is an intact inca ruin city that the spaniards didnt manage to find and destroy hundredes of years ago. it is about a 26 mile trek-4 days. hartley has been throwing up for 24 hours. we think is the germs here in some food he ate so the maggical cipro seems to be kicking in this am. i have been fighting a cold with a sore throat off and on for 3 days, taking my airborne and drinking lots of water! we are at 11000 feet here so have some slowness from the altitude but is getting better so trek should be no problem..
more later..