Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random thoughts by a menopausal athlete....

I just realized I am one of those women! I am my grandmother, one of those post menopausal "older women". Will someone please let my psyche in on this? My teenage mind and soul does not know this yet on a lot of levels. As someone said, menopause is like adolescence only in reverse. Traumatic, dramatic, emotional...

I came to this realization on a more clear level recently although my body has been trying to tell me for about 4 years now..Lab work says:

Estrogen: ZERO
Progesterone: ZERO
Testosterone (women have this too): A LITTLE

As Dread Pirate says, I am an empty vessel. Now on alot of levels this is a relief. The hot flashes, the fog brain, memory loss, difficulties sleeping, etc. has a reason. Yes it is nature's way of f%^*ing with your whole life, that is all. Did I mention anger and anoyance is part of this huge life change? I am especially annoyed that I went to my gynecologist 4 years ago regarding my sleep issues, who sent me to a sleep doctor instead of checking my hormones. And this person specializes in women's issues? He is male..not that that should matter-but I am pissed!! The sleep doctor (also male) did what he does: prescribe meds. Again, no mention of hormones, or menopause..It is not like I am in my 20's or something. Is menopause a taboo subject or something in the medical world? OK here is the biggest lesson I am learning throughout this whole process. There is no doctor, medical professional who is going to take charge of my health. EVER!! I am in charge of my body, my medical care, my health research, my treatments, health records, disease prevention..I have known this but for some reason my denial would not let me do this around menopause until now..

Well, anyway to make a long story short, I am now armed with several hormone creams that I get to slather on a couple of times a day, which seems like a pain in the ass but if it helps all of the above, I will be happy. I had another weird lab value that needs to be followed but I am not too concerned with that..

Oh and just for kicks, I stopped drinking coffee, which gets a bad rap with some folks, others feel it is a cure all for disease prevention. So I am going down the middle and drinking green tea...also taking more supplements, vitamin C, Vitamin D and calcium, etc...

My training is going well. Running is my predominate sport at the moment although somehow, in a weak moment, DP talked me into, inspired me to, something..anyways I ended up in a 2 hour spin class at 5:30 AM yesterday. A class that lasts 10 weeks and is run by a bipolar crazy ex-pro cyclist who thinks it is fun to yell at people on spin bikes. BUT, I have taken his class many times in years past, and know it helps with overall fitness...and it is REALLY hard when you are in it..I am committed however because H is convinced I will never do all 10 sessions (just watch me buddy) and DP will be there every week so I am held accountable to people...
I am just in the mood to change things up a bit..thus the spin class. I am also looking into a different weight routine, the current one is boring me to death..

We added another event to our ever growing calendar: The Tour de Phoenix, the first week in April. Invited by friends with a place to stay and someone taking our bikes-how could we say no? The wind should be familiar!

I am still doing running class on sucks like the spin class but will make me faster and sore and probably more bitchy but the end may be a good placing at Buffalo Springs half IM..

Did I mention that H and I are looking at this? Please God, let me come to my senses before I do another IM this year!