Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. I started to write a depressing post this week and decided to bag it. This is the 15th year anniversary of my mom's death..I am always more emotional the week of July 11th. (Something about trying to run away from home at age 5 and thank goodness my mom talked some sense into me...)

2. It has been a very stressful 17 days since we returned from Lubbock. Mother in law still in the hospital (extended care). Although she appears to be getting stronger, one never knows what may happen day to day when you are 88 years old.

3. Hospitals are uber depressing places, especially skilled care units..I really can't believe I worked in an acute care hospital setting for 17 years back in the day..the night shift is the most grumpy and that is what I worked the last few years of my nursing career.

4. My lingering, nagging leg injury is still there. I tried to run on Monday and had to walk much of the hour. I went to see my ART guy today. He thinks my bent bike seat set off some left side symptoms that seems to have settled in some tendons from my knee up my leg. Sure sucks but I have every confidence I will be healing soon after a few treatments.

5. I have found "the pond guy" who continues to make my life so much easier..the pond is flowing beautifully again..Ahhhhh!!

6. I went to see "Chicago" and "Earth, Wind and Fire" this week. I rocked out and had a serious flashback to high school. For two whole hours I was out of my head,which seems to be spinning alot these days.

7. I have had to bite my tongue a few times this week... 'Nuff said..
Wonder what the world would be like if there were no filters and we just said the truth all the time?

8. We received our uber light luggage this week for the trip to Australia and New Zealand. The suitcases weighs 8 pounds each! This means 42 glorious pounds for all my shit for 2 months..Awesome!

9. For the first time in about 6 weeks, we are riding with our "weekend" tri-bike buds on Sunday. I think the cell phone may be turned off this time! I can't wait!

10. We had a house full of families with small children for the past few days. I love little ones, they love us but I feel old..- one of those old folks that say Raising kids is for the young! Pathetic..

11. OK so hormone update. I am down to minimal doses and only a couple of times a week.Some symptoms relieved but the full blown treatment will never work for me..bummer..BUT they just came out with a study that shows HRT causes Ovarian Cancer. Great!

12. It is so hot this week, my house is still 85 degrees today with air conditioning!! Whoa!!

13. Finally, to end on a positive note, Big Brother started this week. For those of us that like totally mindless TV, this is like Christmas!