Friday, April 4, 2008

Good news, bad news for the week.....

It is Friday. I am staying home all day-I mean committed to not getting out of the house at all. I am tired of running around like a maniac, pretending I am retired..The house is quiet, H has gone to play with his buddies in Phoenix for the weekend and to do this:

I opted not to go. I have done a 2.4 mile swim before and decided I need more work on my bike and run. I am going to ride with Pirate and hopefully Mo, who has kicked my ass the last 2 weeks (of course she is 20 years my junior, but who is counting).

This week:

Bad news: The butt issue on the new bike became overwhelming.

Good news: I switched to my 5 year old, Terry Butterfly Gel seat and my butt is happy!

Bad news: Ever since the seat switch and during my ride on Wed., I have had this incredible neck pain, which is easing right now. I have heat and Flector patch on it. I have an email into Coach Luis to see whether to raise? lower? seat. Maybe it is just getting use to aeroposition again.

Good news: I biked over an average of 15 MPH on Wed 35 mile ride. Best so far.

Bad news: 90 min. run after was slow but I felt pretty good (before neck pain set in for real).

Good news: My new very-expensive-but suppose to be fabulous bike shorts came in yesterday (Assos). Gosh they are awfully comfortable but a little snug. I will call the company today to see if this is the way they are suppose to fit. If so I am wearing them tomorrow on my long ass ride..

Bad news: I fell on my new bike! I was turning around really slowly, couldn't get my clip out and boom! I actually have a little ding on the brakes. And scraped my knee, bruised my hip..

Yesterday, I was really tired, my neck hurt. I took this as a sign to take a break. So I did my weight workout and bagged the swim.

Bad news: I weigh myself every Wed and this week gained 3 lbs! How is this possible? Then I read this and think why me? Aren't I suppose to be trying to keep weight on too? The only reason I really care about this is because I want the extra weight to be gone so I can be faster. Also who the hell wants to watch their diet during Ironman training? H says it is probably water-yea that's what they all say but you gotta love him..

Misc good news: I had my second class about Buddhism this week. Very interesting. I am trying to incorporate meditation as part of my routine. So far without much success. I think however, when I swim I meditate. I concentrate on my breathing and don't think much.

We took daughter Heather out for her 29th birthday this week. So hard to believe this once little girl is 29! Seems like yesterday when I met her almost 20 years ago! She is very special and we had a great time.

So tomorrow a 4 and 1/2 hr. bike ride, Sunday 2 and 1/2 hr. run with a 3000 yd swim. I am resting up today for the big weekend..

Monday, March 31, 2008

This is one of those days..

There are some days I just feel like I could win any race, anywhere-send me to Hawaii-I can do it! This was one of those days. I plotted out a route on Google Maps that took me out of my usual "up and down Tramway" doldrums and I actually rode into neighborhoods! It was fun until the end of the ride when my little Ipod fell into my wheels and the earphones were trashed-woops..the Ipod is fine (whew)...

Today I feel like an Ironman-what can I say? I did my 3500 yard swim after the bike and felt great. The only problem is when you are swimming and have 1500 yds to go and have to pee, it is just too much trouble to get out and do so, try and get your bathing suit back on, etc. Don't worry-I did NOT pee in the pool! I have trouble doing that even in a lake in my wetsuit (come on-you all have done it). I just swam faster so I could get to the BR ASAP..did the whole workout-yep.

Here are my March totals. Now understand that this is probably more than I have ever trained in my life and Ironman Couer d' Alene is still 12 weeks away..I have decided it is my part time job since it takes up about 3-4 hours a day by the time I dress, travel to and from wherever to train..the only thing is I don't get paid-who cares? Money is over-rated!

March totals:
Swim: 29560.00 Yds-that's 16.8 miles
Bike: 358.20 Miles (all outdoor miles-yea!)
Run: 87.34 Miles
Weight training-8 hrs.