Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A short bitch about the weather..

And we, the supposed lucky people who live in the "Land of Enchantment" have this to train in the next few days:

TodayApr 8
Partly Cloudy / Wind
FriApr 10
Partly Cloudy
SatApr 11
SunApr 12
Showers / Wind

Not to mention the allergy count is off the charts..
I am so spoiled...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tour de Phoenix..

This is it. It says 72 miles on my Garmin and 74 miles on the medal. I will take the medal!

The last few miles were uphill as shown on the profile. It was a bit tough but nothing worse than what we ride here.

Here are our friends we stayed with:

We actually stayed with Chris' sister in law in Mesa-very generous Margie, who opened her home to total strangers..
This is us at 5:00 AM getting our dose of caffeine before we joined 950 of our new best friends on the tour.
I was not really in it to "race" but felt compelled once we were out there to give it a valiant effort.
We ended up showing a 4:45 time, although 20 min. of that were at rest stops..and it took us 3 min. or so to get to the starting line..People seemed very serious at this ride. I tried to chit-chat with a few cyclists, but was met with very little return conversation. We drafted Chris for awhile (on his fixie of course) but alas he drifted away from us when my HR started getting into the 150s. My favorite line from the day was when Chris said "Thank you" to an officer who was stopping traffic for us at an intersection and a woman at the corner (without skipping a beat) said "F&*k you-I have to get to work!" Lovely..
The course was well supported buy local law enforcement at every intersection. The nutrition was a bit lame at the rest stops (bananas and oranges)..But all in all a great time.

Yesterday we had a 2 hr. 15 min. run to do before we hit the road. I could only do about 8 miles and that was run/walking. Had terrible RTs, allergies that made the ones here in the "Q" look like child's play..I was not a happy camper. We hit the Indian Restaurant when we got home last night which made things so much brighter! We got to see Avery, Heidi and Jack when we arrived home...
I still feel fat and have to cut back again on the hormones. Very discouraged about the whole thing really!