Friday, November 21, 2008

Pre Race jitters and fun..

We are tucked in the Ironhouse with 6 people, 3 of whom are sick with one ailment or another. The worst part is the one who has a cold is the MASSAGE person amongst us..bummer..I did let her do a foot massage on me last night. Figured the little germ critters couldn't sneak up my leg, right? I am not that worried really. We went to the race site this AM for a pre-race talk and the wind was blowing so hard, it was freezing outside-so we left. We did not want to spend $100 on a long sleeved shirt that has the IM logo on it-we already did that yesterday as we plunked down $300 on IMAZ bike wear and hat. Now we have to finish! H says..Yep, pretty much once you buy the gear, you have to finish or you can never wear the golden bike pressure there..

Got a call from the pregnant one today. She spent the nite in the hospital puking her brains out but no baby to show for it. Back at home, it seems she must have just had food poisoning or something..Poor thing..hopefully she can get some rest before the real deal happens, which I have a feeling may be Ironman raceday..Little Hadley Ironbaby..ahhh...

The weather is suppose to get better on Sunday so they say! But after today I think arm warmers in transition bags may be in order..

Last night we went out for a steak dinner. Kind of like the last supper since we figured we could digest beef and get all that iron in us before Sunday..Our little group is alot of fun..we laugh alot , which eases the tension of IM jitters. Of course I freaked out when I realized everyone has slime in their race tires but me. A high amount of flats I read somewhere describing IMAZ race course. Hartley already had one the other day. So now Mark will help me get Stans in my Zipp Race wheels sometime before race day.. A little thing like this can just send me off into a tizzy...pre-race jitters for sure..please no flat on raceday..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trippin' in Tempe..

We are here. It was an uneventful trip here except the new Pre-Ass gets really sucky gas mileage hauling 2 bikes on the hitch in the back. Still better than most, it was a disappointment. We arrived to a very warm day here in Tempe. Our home away from home is a vintage retro 70's house in a nice quiet neighborhood..It has a pool, although after swimming in Tempe Town Lake a couple of times, I can't imagine wanting to jump in for a dip. But you never know..I started sneezing and coughing as soon as we got here...allergies I hope...

Had Vietnemese dinner last night (H's favorite). We figured it wasn't close enough to IM even if we got food poisoning. Will probably eat in tonite..

Slept like a rock until an alarm clock went off in the bedroom, not once but twice until H yanked the cord out the wall. I did go back to sleep and slept until 7:00. So awesome to sleep in!

I talked to Momo this morning, who lives here and will be riding the Beeline Highway with us this AM. So nice to have our own private bike guide! The weather is warm (80s) so I am ready!

Still no word about baby Hadley although I talked to Becca everyday..nothing has changed..

Here she is taking a walk trying to get the little bugger movin':

Latest weather report shows no wind, high 76 on race day-perfect!! Tempe Town Lake is 67 degrees. We will go swim tomorrow AM there. Not the same dread I had going into IMCDA practice swim, where the water was 55 degrees! I pray the weather gods stay in the no wind zone. Our other friends arrive in the Tempe Ironhouse tomorrow. It will be a party!!