Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You know you are a crazy triathlete when...

You get on the bike trail (we are back in Albuquerque) and head INTO, not away from, the very dark, stormy clouds. It looked like a very ominous storm right where we were headed today for our 2 hour bike. I commented that we would be lucky to see an hour. Then I thought-you know this really is the difference between me NOW and 2 years ago as "working Debi". I started to actually think riding in the rain might be an adventure! Just the whole- we don't really have time structure thing going on now- is liberating. But I actually think my thought processes are changing. Everyday seems so much like a gift and I feel so blessed sometimes-this was one of those days. Like rain seemed exciting! But alas-we rode the whole thing with only maybe a drop of rain. We had clouds ALL around us about to open up but we managed to get through that little hole of rainless bike trail and then the sun came out! Now this is why Albuquerque rocks. If it rains, they say, just wait 10 mins and you will have sun..It's true! After the ride we went for a 30 minute run and I felt great. We have trained so hard for Soma- I really feel in the best shape my 53 years old body can be in. And I actually like running now..this is a first for me.

All the family-4 daughters, 2 granddaughters, 2 son-in-laws are starting to come in tomorrow for the balloon fiesta weekend and celebration of a birthday. I love my family of girls-lots of estrogen in our house with all the girls growing up! Now they are all beautiful grown women and now we have 2 little bundles of budding estrogen and it is so great to be "Grandma Debi"..

When I did Ironman Florida, my daughter had a little T-shirt made for Lane that said "My Grandma did an Ironman". Now she is threatening to get me a bumper sticker that says "Don't you Wish Your Grandma Was Hot Like Me?" (you would have to remember the song to get that one).

Enough ramblings from this Grandma..

Monday, October 8, 2007

L-O-N-G workout weekend!

It all started with the Chase the Balloons Ride on Sat. AM at 7:00. Wow it is hard to ride in the COLD-I had forgotten! It warmed up quickly as we cycled up Paseo Del Norte. I had to fight the inner demons as I got passed ALOT on this part of the tour. Telling myself "I am a triathlete-not a primary cyclist" helped..As we rode down Tramway as hundreds of hot air balloons were rising right in front of us (damn why didn't I bring my camera?), I thought about how lucky we are to be living in New MExico. I remembered one of the first balloon fiestas at the State Fairgrounds in the 1970s where there were maybe 50 balloons and 200 spectators. WOw-has it grown! We rode with the balloon chase crowd, then added 16 miles on the bike path to make it 77 miles. Then on to the 20 run brick afterwards. H & I practiced nutrition and managing snacks, nuun tablets, Ibuprofen, water, etc on the bike..We had about a 25 MPH wind going south on the bike path-that was fun, then turned around-Wheeeeee...

OK that was Saturday. Then Sunday, out for a 2 and 1/2 hour run. First hour slow, then last hour and a half faster. And the WIND again-only this time it was COLD for most of the run, esp running into the wind. We managed to do 12.6 miles, almost the half marathon! Again-managing nutrition was the goal..After the run, we did a short swim in the Highpoint Pool. Hartley was brave enough to venture into the outside pool while I swam in the not so clean looking inside 20 yard pool. That pool really needs come remodeling or something.

I was dead tired after the 2 days of long training. But we were scheduled to go up to Chama to see our new deck and remodeling done by our contractor post flood. I did n't want to go-I was pooped but relented since H drove and I slept and did SOduko. So here we are in beautiful Chama. The deck looks awesome!! IT is HUGE! Enugh room for a big party and then some..So now we just have to figure out the party time..

SO I am thinking now we can rest-right? Well, H's coach has him doing a 90 minute run today-still in "build mode". My legs are really tired so I am in the "trying to decide mode". I am caught in this how much is I am tired mode and how much is more training is too much?

I'll see how the day goes as I watch the aspens change..