Friday, January 25, 2008

These are my peeps..

Some of our New Mexico Outlaws Tri CLub went to see the "Marathon Movie" last night.

What a great time and wonderful movie!

We have Amy (with her daughter), T Mr. , Miguel, Bones, S. Baboo,, Tim, Hartley,
Naomi , Me and Geekgirl

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shoveling as a new sport..

So instead of torturing myself on the trainer today, I spent three hours shoveling this (this is after I shoveled):

And while I was out there I ran into her:

I fed the deer some crackers and shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. It is the never ending iceberg. I decided this was as good of training as lifting weights and riding my trainer for 2 hours. Not sure if that is true but I sure had fun out there..There is something very gratifying about shoveling snow-I know, I am wierd.

Val left this AM after a great visit last night. She ran with H & I yesterday. the temp was all the way up to 25 degrees or something-a heat wave! We hung out last night and celebrated her birthday with a cake and yes-I ate a BIG piece of cake. man that tasted good!

Heidi, Jack and baby Avery are coming from Taos tonite, we are back to ABQ tomorrow for a day then back here Tuesday for H's birthday....Life is good.. my thoughts are still with Michael and Kyle-still no word that they have been found. And I think the pitbulls are in doggy heaven now. I suppose I should feel bad-Hartley does, but I don't feel anything except relief that we can run and walk our dog now..