Friday, November 14, 2008

Nutshell Notes..

SunNov 23
Partly Cloudy
0% chance of rain.

There it is..the first forecast for race day.

My number is 2611. I am trying to find out some signifigance to this number but haven't done so yet. H's number is 2005. We can be followed on raceday on by clicking on "athlete tracker" for IMAZ.

3.5 hour bike ride today, 40 min slow run, 200o yd swim. Our last "long" workout before IMAZ.

Taper agitation has set in..H and I have not killed each other yet.. :)

Hadley not here, Mom Bea still holding steady..

That is it in a world is in a nutshell right now..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tick, tick, tick..

Goes the countdown to IMAZ. It's all over but the racing. We swam 4500 yds yesterday...check! A couple more shorter workouts this week, then barely any next then in 11 days-BAM!- the gun will go off. I have been watching on YouTube the IMAZ start in years past. That makes me a little anxious but hey, I have done it before and know it has to thin out eventually over 2.4 miles, right? I feel ready, my body is rested, I have my mantras down for all the legs of the race..We leave for Tempe a week from today. Wow-that is soon!

My mother in law's appointment had no surprises really. Treating symptoms, taking one thing at a time. She remains positive despite all odds and that is what has kept her alive so long. A strong woman! I hope I can have the will power this woman has at 87 years old!

My sister and brother in law are here until tomorrow. We are having somewhat of a Thanksgiving Day dinner tonite since we may be all scattered come T-Day this year, with Hadley making her entrance sometime in the next few weeks. Grandma Debi will in all likeliness be in Denver over Thanksgiving feeding turkey to the little one. Well, maybe not quite yet this year but at least I can meet and hold my newest granddaughter!

Now all I have to do is keep checking the weather and praying no freak wind or snowstorms decend upon Arizona in 11 days. So far looks pretty good!