Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who is this?

My good run continues..After being sick as a dog (for about 9 hours) after my 4500 yd swim on Saturday, I did SF century on Sunday, then a 3 hour run on Monday. Now all I have to do is do it all in one day (and then some)!

Speed run workout today. My legs still feel strong! I do not know who has inhabited my body but I am hoping it is some 30 year old amazing triathlete that will take me to the finish line of IMCDA.

I love this part of Ironman training when people start to ask if you are losing weight. To which I seem to inevitably feel the need to say Oh it's only because I am training for an Ironman. As soon as it is over, I will back to fighting this last 10 lbs again! I think I will just start saying Thank you!

I am truly starting to trust Mark Allen and my Coach Luis that maybe, maybe I will actually finish IMCDA feeling fairly decent. That is my goal. To smile and feel decent at the end..It would also be really great if I finished in the top half of my age group (not the 30 year old one)..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is how I spent my day..

This is the Santa Fe Century (acual miles 103):
It was challenging, fun, great weather. Took me 7:17. Felt like I could run a marathon afterwards! Of course I did spend about an hour total at all the rest stops-maybe that is why?

Calories burned: 4,666-time for dessert!

Note: Course considered "moderately difficult" Gosh, we (some friends and I) interpreted that as "f$#@*&ing hard!

Bring it on IMCDA!