Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Bollywood and Yoga have in Common

Now that I have FOUR, count them FOUR stickers on my chart, I am starting to feel like a rock star!! I noticed that while I was doing the meditation this AM, I started to wonder if I could just add the affirmations to that to condense things. Hey first light bulb moment! I try and shortcut alot to be efficient but mostly because I am impatient..Am I going to have these insights every day? We shall see..

Yesterday's Yoga was ridiculous. It was called "Yoga for Weight Loss". I would like to name it "Quad Killer Yoga". At the end of class I felt like I had done about 50 squats. Who knew my body would move in such unnatural ways! At one point I felt like this girl:

We were actually doing Bollywood in Yoga. Say whaaa??

I was quite skeptical whether I could manage my run afterwards. After forcing myself to put on running gear, and one change of clothes (it was 40 degrees but felt like 50 with the sun), I was out the door. I wanted to run in the Foothills in my back yard (practically):

It is beautiful and peaceful to say the least. As I started running up the path, I surprised myself by all the energy I had! I bounded through the trail like a gazelle....well a very slow gazelle but feeling pretty darn good. Wow...I thought...Maybe this Weight Loss Yoga is a good thing! I ended up running 8 miles, which is my longest run since Ironman Arizona in November.

I thought for sure I would be sore this AM. Like Quad worried me to think about doing Yoga again today with sore Quads and all...but alas I am not sore at all! The only thing that hurt me last night was my neck and back. Sore back from doing "Ab work" today in class. I do not seem to use my Abs with anything Ab-like. My back usually takes the hit. Is my back considered my core? I think not..My neck has been sore for a few weeks now. The chiropractor tried to do his magic on Thursday which resulted in a big crack! in my neck. Surely this would fix me! Well, it did for a couple of days. He did X-rays of my neck and back. After comparing these to my previous MRIs, he said yes indeed, I still had arthritis in my neck and Lumbar spine. He looked at me and said See this degeneration? If you were not an athlete and training, you would be in much worse shape by the look of your spine. OK, I felt better in my neck just hearing that! If I wanted to go all metaphysical here, it feels like the weight of my little world is on my shoulders...hmm..something to ponder while doing Yoga today..Heat on my neck and back last night worked miracles, that along with a dose of Meloxicam (which I take rarely because it causes my feet to swell)..

Off to do a spin class then Yoga this AM. Tonight I am going to a black tie Oscar affair with one of my kids. Should be a good day!