Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beat the rain!

Today Hartley and I went for a 4 hour, 50 mile, whatever came first bike ride in the mountains. We headed up Tramway, then east on old Rte. 66 and to Zuzak (sp?). The first half of the ride is basically up hill. I told hart early on that I was taking it easy on the hills. After last week trying to keep up with the big boys, I was determined to go at my own pace and not kill my legs. That plan went well until Hartley was out of sight in front of me on the old 66 road. Now this normally would not bother me but I don't feel safe on that road by myself. Maybe a result of age or paranoia but Road 333 is creepy by myself. It is not unusual to see pickups with guys and guns whizzing by, old vans parked at the side of the road with who knows what in them, also cars riding really close to me sometimes, even if I am on the shoulder. Well, this resulted in me yelling (not really but I was upset) at Hartley at Zuzak, where we stopped. I told him never to leave me on that road again like that! he apologized, then I felt bad for getting so upset. Men just don't understand sometimes what we women have to worry about I think. Anyhow, I got over it and we rode back. He stayed with me-well it was all downhill now so I was happy. We had to cut our ride short because of the daily monsoon that started to pour on us. I feel happy I went my snail pace on the hills. My legs are thanking me.
Our friends left today. Was great company for the weekend. She and I went to college and did alot of bad things in the 70s together so lots of history and fun each time we see each other..There is nothing like old friends who really get you-the ones that knew you as a kid and the free spirit you use to be. We laughed at how midlife has made us both brain dead bitches and how antidepressants are a great cure for menopause and hot flashes!
The cough is subsiding after a) allergy medicine b) Advair inhaler c) cough medicine at night
What's up with the pollen this year?


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I did that ride a couple weeks ago - and I was totally skitzed out by the traffic too! I am told it gets easier, but it may take some convincing to get me back over there. Eeep!

Vickie said...

I don't blame you about not wanting to be left out there alone! Just the way you described it sounds scary!