Thursday, July 19, 2007

Second Day of food structure and other rambling thoughts

OK, so I am writing down everything I eat, plugging it into :
I can also plug in workouts and find out how much I have burned today..very cool!
It shows me how much fat, protein, carbs I am getting. Just the process of remembering what I ate 5 min. ago is exhausting! I am hoping this gets less time consuming as time goes on..I did the first of Josh' workouts in the gym yesterday and it went OK. Just core stuff. Had a horrible 45 min. run this AM. Trying to keep my HR below 132 (zone 2). I ended up getting really nauseated and felt like doggy doo-doo so walked part of the way. I think I should know by now that it is too much to eat breakfast right before running..I averaged about 16 min/miles for 45 min. Thank goodness I had my Garmin on to tell me that great information!

But alas-I was redeemed when my neighbor Kathy and I went out to Cochiti Lake afterwards and swam about a mile in 35 min. Why can't triathlon be all swimming? Oh, that's right-then it would be Master's Swimming...Anyway, it was fun, the lake was not crowded and we got done just before the really bad heat started..

Other news-hubby and I have decided to check out Defined Fitness for our new workout gym-YEAAAAA! I like the facility at the JCC but there are SCADS of little ones in the pool all the time. The lanes for lap swimming are frustrating and crowded. Then there is the guy that has a very strange swim where he pulls, then kicks with only one foot (he is not handicapped). Geez-not very inspiring..Of course I have heard some not so great things about Defined Pool too. I think Balance One-our alternative pool will never make it..There are so few people there and it must be sinking rapidly-great pool though.. We use to go Del Norte S&W until a year ago- Hartley had his car stolen there by someone who got his keys out of his locker, beeped the car and took it! Along with his wallet, cell phone, all our credit cards, etc..I guess there is some sense to the sign "Don't leave valuables in car" I also saw 3 days later someone break a window, get into some one's into a car at the same gym, in broad daylight! We got the car back, but all the stuff taken of course..He is traumatized and doesn't want to go back. OK-time to find new gym! That is how we ended up at the JCC-a nice family place with a police car parked in front for deterrence-seemed like a good safe option after the car theft incident a year ago but think it is time to go back to the grownup's gym. So Defined Fitness may be our choice starting in August-we are going to check it out this week..

Note to self: NEVER leave a locker unlocked with your car keys in them!


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I love the pool at B-1. Defined in RR is too crowded for me (because the RR HS swim team trains there part of the year and makes it impossible). Your Defined probably doesn't have that problem!!

GeekGirl said...

Hey, I'm thinking of doing another swim at Cochiti next Friday. Are you in...?

SWTrigal said...

SOunds good if we can go early..I am in..