Thursday, October 4, 2007

Looking to Soma

While I am waiting for Oprah to call, today I am pondering over this:

Soma half IM results from 2006

and wondering where I might stand this year. Flat course, lots of turns, lower altitude..Geez, I could drive myself nuts..I think I am in pretty decent shape and could do well but my time in Buffalo Springs was 7:15 which according to my calculations in Soma I would be dead last with that time. Hopefully all the other factors will help that and I have improved my run thanks to all the track workouts. However we will never know until race day if the gods are smiling on you, if the weather cooperates, if you have a cold or feel like dog-doo-doo or have the race of your life...That is what i love about this sport-always surprises!

I think Oprah will call today..


cindy said...

If Oprah doen't call today, may she feel like dog-doo-doo for a week ;)

Duane said...

Will you be seeing Misty and Brian? I'm hoping we can meet up down there. I am coming in Friday afternoon. e-mail me if you'd like my cell #.

Vickie said...

Well being dead last is better than the alternative, being dead. Are you sure Oprah has your number??