Thursday, November 8, 2007

Always the bridesmaid..

never the bride. Now I could be cynical and whiny right now but I choose to be thankful. I finished 3rd in the Southwest Challenge Series. You have to do at least 8 races in the series and then you get to count the top 8 races in points for for your place. So even though I did the most races, got the most points, since I got some 2nds and 3rds, I got 3rd place. I am a little peeved about this since I trained my butt off this year but it goes to show that those of us that do not have the genetic gift of winning every race we do, have to work our butts off and still get the bronze. I won't be doing the series next year so now I will just have to wait until the next age group and hope those other women decide that knitting is more fun..

Now the thankful part-I do get an award! I am healthy, strong and did have some good PRs in there. Also my wonderful newbie hubby won first place in his age group. Yay Hartley!

So I will go to the ceremony and smile and be happy nevertheless..

We are off to S.t Louis today for a wedding of a daughter of a friend. I need to get out of my playclothes and actually put on a dress!


cindy said...

Hey, I think 3rd is awesome! And with the amount of time you beat me at Elephant Butte, you still coulda knitted a sweater or something before I crossed the line ;)

21stCenturyMom said...

You sound so much like me. You get 3rd in a competition that I'm sure way more than 3 women worked desperately hard to win and you complain. So me - so wrong.

CELEBRATE! You took 3rd in a field of many, all of whom probably worked at least as hard as you did. CONGRATULATIONS!

Vickie said...

Another thing to be thankful of: you have come this far in life and can still do this stuff AND place at the top of your AG. One of these days, when the other 2 least suspect it, you will pass them by because they got complacent. Being 3rd may not seem as fair as you'd like it to be, but your hard work will pay off at some point.

Vickie said...

Just a comment to your comment on my blog about the 8 on the 8th. I am okay with you using your mileage from a tri. The purpose of this "virtual race" is to get people motivated despite maybe the off season or bad weather. Go for it!

skoshi said...

Hey, Miss IM--you did great this year. "A few PR's"--yes you did. I always measure how I do (triathlon-wise) by my relative improvement (relative to me of course). There will always be a new playing field each year, new competition, age group adjustments, etc. I think you had a fantastic year. I haven't made the visit yet to our new points page, but I'm very proud of both you and Hartley--so much heart and soul--and a year well spent in great company. Congratulations.
Hope you have a great time at the wedding.