Friday, November 16, 2007

Things I am doing in the off season..

Well, it is the official off season although I am doing "Polar Bear Triathlon" on December 8th. Only because that is also the same day they give out the SW. Challenge Series awards. Hartley is out because of his foot so I am the only one in the family doing this sometimes cold, but fun race. Other than that I am suppose to be "recovering" but I have been continuing to bike, run and oh yes, I did manage a 3100 yd swim workout in the pool yesterday. That swim is the one in 6 week swim that should be enough for Polar Bear..:)
Other activities:

1. Shampooed all my carpets and washed all the tiles. I did have the housekeeper clean the rest. I am such a diva.

2. Had my windows cleaned..On a cleaning frenzy I guess before winter.

3. Finished all my Christmas shopping. Now this may be impressive however, it is only because we will have all 4 daughters, 2 grandchildren and 2 son-in-laws here for Thanksgiving and this year we do Christmas exchange then.

4. Trying to keep up my 3 times a week Josh's workout-that is so hard to keep at-I am telling you..

5. Another trying to do Yoga once or twice a week. That one is easy to blow off too.

6. Was going to go to some new groups to broaden my horizons. I did go to a philosophy group once. It was interesting but had a really nutty guy in it who insulted me by email so don't know about that one. i want to be around positive people. Also cancelled on the book club and the scrap booking club. I hate going out at night as a rule-geez I am getting old.

7. Trying to read more. Hartley got me this cool thing for my birthday:

It is a Sony Reader-i can download about 40 books on it. I think he got sick of carrying my luggage with books in it on vacations..

8. Catching up with blog reading, writing. Vickie is right. It is like talking to your friends on the phone everyday.

9. Yes-it is true. I am a reality TV addict so gotta keep up on my shows! Becca, my daughter calls me when one is about to begin and thank goodness for Tivo! How did we live without it? I mean it is one of life's necessities huh? And yes-I am a Dr. Phil and Oprah fan (and NO-Oprah never called-darn!)

10. Soduko everyday and sometimes I actually read the newspaper. The ABQ Journal leaves something to be desired though.

Mostly I wake up everyday and pinch myself. Is this for real? Am I really reaping the rewards of all those years of working, raising kids? Do I deserve this? Shouldn't I be working? This is too good to be true. As we were walking our dog the other day, Hartley turned to me and said "I just know it-the police are going to come and arrest me any day for not working. They will throw me in jail for not working the past 440 days!" I laughed because this is exactly how I feel sometimes. Our lives are amazing right now, the best ever. I just hope it lasts for a long time..


skoshi said...

Last paragraph--fantastic! You two deserve even more.

Entry number 6--too funny--not the guy that insulted you--just that you're so entirely human and honest--got an idea, went for it, and than said, umm...naw...rather enjoy what I really like doing. This has nothing to do with getting old.

Finally, what does this say about personality?--you just completed your christmas shopping (holiday cheer and all that) and I'm perusing the internet getting info on '07 tax deductions and credits??

cindy said...

It's nice to hear how great things are for you and Hartley, and that you really appreciate it :)

I was wondering how the philosophy group was going. Maybe a better one with less-nutty people will come along.

That Sony Reader-i thing looks neat...good present idea for my husband...thanks.

Good luck with the Polar Bear. Bbuuurrr!!

cindy said...

oh my I'm embarassed! I just re-read your post, and I thought the Sony thing was called a "Sony Reader-i" (like iPod or iTunes, ya know) but you were simply putting a dash before your next sentence.

cindy = dork

Fe-lady said...

Yeah the Christmas shopping being done IS impressive regardless of the early present exchange or not! :-)
We used to have a Polar Bear Du every year...but not until Feb. Hopefully it will return someday ! Best of luck in your race!

Iron Outlaw said...

Of course you and Hartley deserve this life....this is what you earned! Enjoy it, share it and don't look back.


Vickie said...

Yes, I consider you to be very lucky. I could easily keep busy if I were retired myself! Someday I hope. And don't feel guilty for being able to enjoy yourself now. You've worked for this, enjoy it! I was going to do a post about being almost ready for Christmas myself! I thought I was doing pretty good having at least half my stuff bought AND wrapped before Thanksgiving. That's a miracle for me!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Someone asked me the other day what I wanted to be when I grow up. I answered "retired"

Six more years, I think. Six.more.years.