Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What? I am too fast?!?

I talked to my new coach, Luis yesterday for the first time. He is really nice and sounds like my friend Miguel on the phone. We talked about my training, how it was going, questions about heart rate training and my RES bike rides. That stand for "ridiculously embarrasingly slow " -I just made that up..he encouraged me that we are teaching my body to burn fatty acids as oppose to glycogen first, the whole theory behind RES (low HR) training. In theory, I should get faster as I train more like this..I am trusting this guy because he works with the great Mark Allen, who is my hero. We'll see. He told me my max HR's were still too high (say what???)..I am going to check my ego at the door next time I ride hills.

My run was VERY RES yesterday but lifting weights I am feeling stronger everyday. Now the discussion on the Mark Allen Online (MAO) board is about how bad artificial sweetners are for you. Damn! I don't eat sugar-now my aspartame, saccharine, Stevia days may be over at least until Ironman. Oh, I LOVE my diet cokes! I'll have to ponder this one.

We are also going to discuss what other races I can do before the big one June 22nd. He said that Buena Vista 25 miler in May is definitely NOT a good idea, which sucks because I already paid and registered (no refund). My bad on this one-I should have waited before I signed up.


Bones said...

Glad to hear your new coach sounds like hes going to work well for your. Are all your workouts at a low heart rate?

SWTrigal said...

Most of them. The speedwork starts later..(btw-he is from Columbia-no wonder he sounds like Miguel)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I learned first hand how nasty aspertame is - I don't drink soda, but got hooked on some sugar free candy one week that basically made my joints hurt - it was like poison and took a few weeks to get it out of my system. I avoid that stuff like the plague!

cindy said...

Wow, all that heartrate training stuff sounds pretty interesting. Makes me wonder if I'm ever actually hindering myself with my own training!

RES...that's funny!

Vickie said...

I recently read some of the same info about running aerobically helps burn FAT while running anaerobically burns CARBS. I don't know how I feel about that because I would bet I couldn't run much slower and I don't really think any fat has been dropping off along the way.

tri-dogmom said...

I've been using MAO HR's for 3 years now.. It REALLY does work. Just sucks at first. Humbling!