Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm baaaccckkkk.....

OK, I will say this about the Mark Allen Training plan. I took 2 days off after the epic half Ironman on Saturday and on Tuesday went running and felt good. My legs were still a bit stiff and sore but for the most part, I was recovered.. Yesterday, we went for a 42 mile bike ride on the flats, which really boosted my confidence-I was flying! In the afternoon, went for a 7 mile run/walk, keeping my HR really low and again-all was in all, I am recovered from the ass-whooping I got over the weekend. Mentally, I started to feel better on Tuesday like, yea, there were 50 people that did not even start/finish that race! Thoughts like that and I am back in positive mode again. My allergies immediately kicked in back here in NM, of course, which is a drag but I will take allergies any day over the pollution of LA.

My knees are healing. It was kinda cool yesterday on the Wed. group ride when I got alot of oohs and ahhs about my wounds and then got to tell the war story all over again. These guys were impressed! The best news is the guy that put my bike together was there-he took it and is going to re-assemble it from scratch and figure out if something is defective, or needs adjusting, etc..Guess I will just have to ride my road bike this weekend-no biggy..I just need that baby to work right. The worst residual of the race is these nasty blisters I got on my big toes. They hurt! Also the big ding in my hand hurt yesterday. Am trying to decide if swimming in the chlorinated pool is a good idea or not. There are alot of germs and junk in that pool . Just not sure if I should swim or not yet..

I decided to switch back to my Newton Running shoes. I love the comfort of the Supernova's but they are just so heavy on my feet, I cannot get use to this..I just need to accept this was not a wise switch for me..

Talked to Coach Luis after the race and he was encouraging. This is not my big race and was good prep for IMCDA. We both do not exactly know what the heck happened on my swim. I felt like I was swimming at a good pace. It is possible I just had a ridiculously long T-1. With the frozen hands and all, who knows? IMCDA will have wetsuit strippers I hope. That should make things soooo much easier!

The thing that is harder around the house is that nothing seems to be getting done. H does the shopping and cooking, I do the cleaning and laundry. Well, right now we are well fed, thank goodness because I am hungry all the time! But as for the house looking spiffy and all the laundry done, that is a different story. Now my standards are pretty high, I know but when I haven't even unpacked from the trip yet, then I think there is a problem. So off I go to get things in order again before my training day begins!

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21stCenturyMom said...

It's good to hear you are back. I've been really fatigued and I'm hoping it is just a passing problem - you give me hope!