Sunday, June 15, 2008

On Our Way...

Time: 11:00 AM

Place: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Event: Trip to "Cordy Lane"

Highlights: We walked out the back door of our hotel this morning onto a running/bike trail that surrounds the city. How lucky is that? So off we went to take a 6 mile run under the sunny skies of Wyoming. The city is small, the state capital and beautiful. “Wide Open Spaces” comes to mind .

It is Father's Day and here is the best father I know. He heard from all his girls today, daughters and grand-daughters (and son-in-laws). They are very lucky kids to have such a dad.

We are on the road to our next destination hoping to meet up with Geekgirl & S. Baboo for dinner at the “Outlaws” restaurant in Gardiner, Montana-just north of Yellowstone Park.
I felt like a rock star running this AM. So much energy!
This AM Geekgirl gave me the bad news on the weather prediction for race day.
“Showers” in the forecast. I refuse to accept that weather report until it happens..

9:15 P.M. We have driven all through the state of Wyoming, half of Montana, saw spectacular scenery, were able to meet up with Geekgirl and S.Baboo for dinner at a juncture where they were leaving Yellowstone park and we were headed down there. Was great to see them after all these hundreds of miles without a familiar face..Now we are on the road to our B&B home for the next two days and nites. It is still light and it is almost 9;30 at night! This is good news-I may finish the race in daylight! Now the weather is saying "thundershowers" on race day. Oh why even bother to look? What will be,will be.
Oh and the best news-the water temp is all the way up to 55 degrees-certainly doable now!


LBTEPA said...

Good news about the water temp! Fingers crossed for a fine day for you all.

GeekGirl said...

It was great seeing your faces too! We'll see you again tomorrow at Cordy Lane (I like your spelling of the pace better. It's much easier to remember.)

cindy said...

How fun!!

"Wide Open Spaces" sounds like an awesome place to be :)

Rock star energy on the run...YES! Good for you, and I bet you will have it on raceday, too.

You are so ready for that swim no matter what the temp is, but 55 is just seem plain ole' hot now ;)

Vickie said...

Debi, best of luck in your race and travels. Enjoy Montana. It is a beautiful state. I have stayed in Gardiner also. Beautiful. I hope all goes well for you.

greyhound said...

It won't dare rain on our parade. It's going to be cool and dry.

But I am bringing some stuff to protect against IMWI-style hypothermia, just in case.