Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random thoughts on a trip...

I love lists:

1. I LOVE the Hampton Inn. The beds, the breakfast, the pillows, everything.

2. I HATE dirty gas station restrooms. I HATE the gas prices going. I LOVE the gas prices coming home. I LOVE that our new Prius will be here in 3 weeks!

3. I LOVE "chacha" If you dial c-h-a-c-h-a and text any question, it will text you back the answer-free (standard text charges apply for your plan). For instance, did you know that a "highway safety corridor" is a place where a high number of accidents have happened and therefore speeding fines are doubled? Try it-best invention..

3. I HATE it when my new Tom-Tom gets me lost. It was my BFF, but no more. It took us up a dirt road into the mountains of Oregon instead of my sister's house. It only got really scary when it told us to turn left, which would have taken us down the mountain slope. It is NOT foolproof..

4. I LOVE my family, the older I get. Here they are:

I know, they are not so normal, but who's family is?

5. I HATE the long 19 hour drive home from Oregon.

6. I LOVE Bend, Oregon. We stopped there overnight and had dinner with our old coach, Mark Mico. He is flourishing in Bend, which had bike trails everywhere, races every weekend, a river to swim in and nice people. Gee, I wouldn't mind living there myself.

7. I HATE coming home to NM, where the pollen is so intense that my eyes start watering the minute we hit the border.

8. I LOVE coming home to NM, because I can see the wide open spaces and mountains. I am home in my own bed, along with my 13 year old dog (not in the bed), who somehow survived the kennel experience once more. She freaked out a little and jumped in our backyard pond when she got home. Senior Dog moment perhaps?

9. I LOVE and HATE that my Ironman Arizona training starts on Monday. I have been a slug for 2 weeks now. I still feel pretty good and haven't gained a pound! Don't ask me why-I have been eating everything. I am sure the water skiing, ATV riding and river rafting kept me in shape!


cindy said...

Welcome home!!! Great looking family picture :)

I just got back from Texas...I am always happy to get back to Albuquerque and the beautiful sky we have.

Hey, I've done a couple of group rides with the Outlaws (I finally joined you guys). Maybe we can ride together some during your IM training.

Bones said...

What a great family pic!!! Good to have you back :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great vacation! I love the family photo!

Looking forward to following your training!

21stCenturyMom said...

Another IM? Holy New Mexican Guacamole. I somehow missed that you were doing that. STUD!

Love that family picture.

Susi said...

my thoughts? why be normal?! normal is sooo BORING. :)

glad you had a blast, even with the tom-tom trying to make you extinct. yikes!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

Great list. You guys are always so full of fun & adventure. I really love your