Sunday, September 21, 2008

I did a 78 mile bike ride yesterday with some Outlaw IMAZ training buddies. Although I was a bit grumpy to begin with, I did manage to pull it off in a little less than 5 hours. I am getting faster!

Later, we had dinner with Bones, IronOutlaw, newly named CP Killa (my hubby)and Lorna (yet to be named) at the NYPD pizza place.
And of course afterwards, we saw this:

H at the end of the rainbow! MG in front of my new "Pre-Ass"

This was sign that we go to Flying Star to have a decedent dessert. I, for one, thought I had just done an Ironman already because I pigged out on some huge chocolate thing..We laughed until my sides hurt. Great time with friends!

Today 11.7 mile run to be exact. Now it is Fall. No more hot weather running, I hope. There were beautiful days the past 2 days to do all this crazy training in..I have my mojo back for sure..


becoloradogirl said...

How did you come up with CP Killa for H?

Iron Outlaw said... did you come up with that name????????????????

SWTrigal said...

That, my friends, is an inside joke never to be revealed!

jedishoney said...

I like your new car!! very cute!!

cindy said...

Happy Fall, Debi! Nothing like awesome weather to get your mojo back :D

I want a cute little bolero (sp?) thingy like yours for riding!! Nice job on the ride, too!

momo said...

looks like a great training day and an even better time spent with friends!