Monday, September 29, 2008

Where's the sun??

I am up at 5:00 AM this morning for no particular reason other than the fact that I was dreaming that we were having a party with hundreds of people, bands and everything. I was tired of hosting that big of a party and woke myself up. You see if you are retired and the economy is about to tank, it just makes sense to wake up before the sun comes up once in awhile..Not that we have anything really to worry about but had to make a few financial decisions just so we could sleep better at night and here I am awake at the butt crack of dawn..Oh well, I can always take a nap..or go back to work..I know I am not going to get much sympathy here because when your friends are mostly younger than you and working people they just do not feel sorry for the retired-evar!!

We spent the weekend in Denver for baby Hadley's baby shower, which was a success. The ultrasound shows a healthy baby at 33 weeks and we are ticking down the time of her debut. She looks adorable on ultrasound (of course).

I bagged any working out yesterday. H hurt his calf muscle about 3 miles into our 3 hour run on Saturday. I could have been selfish and kept running-he said go ahead, I'll wait for you. But alas I couldn't bring myself to we walked back the three miles. We were running on the most beautiful running trail in Denver-goes on for about 26 miles one way I think, in the woods kind of-is flat. Not sure on the H leg front. He will see the chiro today. It is one of those re injury things..I think it will heal but he may be out running for this week.

So as we drove home from Denver, I chose not do any training yesterday. I am starting a new training week today so will get back on track with a bike and swim today.

It is still dark. What the hell time does the sun come up these days anyway?


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

The sun doesn't rise until about 7am these days. Depressing!

Susi said...

welcome to my world...i'm up at 5 every work day. sigh. i find it quite peaceful at times.

so in reference to the note you left on me blog...can i help you find your zen?