Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sluggish re-entry..

Geez-finally I am blogging again. After getting back from Mexico, guess I have been on strike from training and blogging. Well, this past Monday, I finally got back on the horse and ran outside 3 whole miles with my daughter Allison, who promptly kicked my ass. She has been running a whole 6 months and already running 9min/miles but afraid she couldn't keep up in a running club. I assured her that I am a turtle in my triathlon club and certainly if she can whip her old mom's ass, she will be good to go in a running club in Long Beach. I see a little budding (26 year old) triathlete in her of course. Just the biking and swimming to go. Something really nice about seeing your kids get into sports as adults. I feel like the role modeling of good behaviors may outweigh the bad after all!

We have Lane, our little 4 yr. old granddaughter here for 2 weeks. The innocence of a preschooler is just too cute for words.

Here she is writing a letter to Santa. So adorable. We played with playdough this AM and I am now fully engaged in "Hannah Montana" and know the theme song quite well...

Lane is such a girl..

A bundle of energy, Lane is keeping Grandma and Grandpa on our toes!
We had our other daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter here on Sunday, Heather was here last night when we opened presents. Becca, Dan and baby will be here next Wednesday-yay! We have an overabundance of love this holiday season. Dinner later today with Nana Bea, where H will make a turkey and we will all eat bad sugar foods again.

I know I will be back in full force training after January 1st. For now I am doing what I feel like doing, which so far includes a spin class, 2 runs and a weight workout. Amazing how weak and sore I feel after taking 4 weeks off post Ironman!

I will get my writing muscles back again soon. I feel like my creative blogging juices are gone for now and that is OK...Looks like snow is coming to ABQ today..Will be a lazy day here in Grandma and Grandpa land. We are now on our 4th time watching the "Barbie Diamond Castle" movie...It's pretty bad really, but Lane loves it..over..and over...


WADDLER26.2 said...

You hsve earned the time off. Enjoy the holidays and all of your family. The time is priceless.

jedishoney said...

I had to giggle with the whole movie thing. My kids had a book.. they all loved so much, to this day I can quote it. Gavin is doing the same thing. He has a fave book that he likes to be read over and over and over..... ;) Enjoy your gramma time!