Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shoveling as a new sport..

So instead of torturing myself on the trainer today, I spent three hours shoveling this (this is after I shoveled):

And while I was out there I ran into her:

I fed the deer some crackers and shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. It is the never ending iceberg. I decided this was as good of training as lifting weights and riding my trainer for 2 hours. Not sure if that is true but I sure had fun out there..There is something very gratifying about shoveling snow-I know, I am wierd.

Val left this AM after a great visit last night. She ran with H & I yesterday. the temp was all the way up to 25 degrees or something-a heat wave! We hung out last night and celebrated her birthday with a cake and yes-I ate a BIG piece of cake. man that tasted good!

Heidi, Jack and baby Avery are coming from Taos tonite, we are back to ABQ tomorrow for a day then back here Tuesday for H's birthday....Life is good.. my thoughts are still with Michael and Kyle-still no word that they have been found. And I think the pitbulls are in doggy heaven now. I suppose I should feel bad-Hartley does, but I don't feel anything except relief that we can run and walk our dog now..


cindy said...

beautiful pictures!

Vickie said...

Don keeps trying to convince me that shoveling is good cross-training. You burn 400 calories an hour apparently. I don't care! I would rather run on a treadmill for 2 hours than shovel any more snow! One more week in his cast and the shovel is his!

skoshi said...

Shoveling snow is a special kind of exercise, isn't it?

Happy birthday, Hartley :)

Cody the Clydesdale said...

How cool that you got to feed the deer. How close did you get? By the way, snow shovelling is great exersize. Good for upper body strength.