Monday, August 18, 2008

I can tell my motivation has changed..

Training for IMAZ


H: Aren't you going to do the swim with me? (this is at 6:00 at night).

Me: Nah, I already ran over 10 miles today. I don't need it.

H: But that is what is on our IMAZ schedule for today! I want to do all the workouts.

Me: Yea I know but it is ok to miss one this far out.

H: I want to finish IMAZ-YOU made me this compulsive!!

Me: Bye honey..Have fun!

I am doing IMAZ to finish with my husband-that is it..H says I will get all competitive about my time as the event draws closer but I seriously doubt it!

Yesterday, I went for a run with some of my ultra fast running Outlaws. I feel incredibly intimidated by this bunch. I use to keep up with some of them on the bike, now not so much..Never been able to run as fast as some of these guys. Their idea of a long run is like 8 min. miles for 10 miles. SOoooo, we took off to do this run:

I decided 2 things:

1. I was going to keep my HR below 140.
2. I was going to have fun no matter what.

I succeeded in both. Although IronMisty was not havin' such a good time (her tell of it is hilarious), I managed to keep my spirits up as I walked up most of that hill. Then, I actually ran down the hill with one of the young guys, who told me at one point we were running 8.5 min. miles. Yep I was running that fast! For about 5 minutes! Then managed to keep running for my total 2 hr. 10 min run.

I really do want to get faster running. I am still training with the HR approach like Mark Allen, except I have bumped up my max aerobic HR a bit. Plus I think I need speed work on the run.

Speaking of running, as a result of my little jaunt yesterday (probably the downhill part), my quads are killing me today! Which means in my book, it is good for me. How did I ever come to this kind of thinking?

Meanwhile. I have created a monster in my husband. He has joined the cult. He has become the obsessive compulsive Ironman nuts that he use to despise in me. Who would have thunk?


cindy said...

That was a super hard run you did - great job!!

Funny how we like being sore because it means we worked hard and it's good for us...good kind of sore :)

RBR said...

I hear you on the sore part. I did a trail run on Saturday and my quads are screamin'! Those downhills are killer on your quads.

Great job on your run!

You are such an animal! Ironman in June, 1/2 Ironman in July and another full Ironman in November. I think my body and brain would be jello!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Muhahaha. So, when does he complete his journey to the dark side (aka: starting a blog?)

momo said...

i just started doing speedwork a few weeks back and seriously, girl, it makes a difference. after i got over the fact that i was the slowest one there, it started to be fun. :-)

Bones said...

Yep, you have created a monster! Kudos to you for finishing up the run!

Susi said...

i'm now just waiting to see who uses the famous line 'you married it!' first... haha.

have a great day dr frankenstein! tee hee. mua ha haaaaaa.

Muppetdog said...

Holy cow that is a huge climb! Great job!!!

LBTEPA said...

LOL sow the wind, reap the whirlwind! Good luck to you both :)

skoshi said...

Sounds like a great tri partnership. Often T and I are on the same page, but sometimes one of us is the motiviating factor for the other. And sometimes, it's just good to take a break and let the other do his (or her) thing!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

It's great to see how suportive you are of H. I hope you get your motivation of
swimming back. But if you don't I've seen what a great swimmer you are As long
as you keep up the bikibg & running you'll do fine.

Vickie said...

It happens to the best of them! Good training!