Friday, February 6, 2009

Update from the Rocky Mountains..

Here I sit gazing out the window at Becca's house. The sun is shining here in Colorado and the air always seems crisper here. I am here to see Becca, Dan and of course little Hadley:

This is a funny picture of her. It is fun to dress up little babies and laugh!

Something I hope she doesn't remember as trauma..

Being almost 3 months old, she is not doing too many tricks yet but she does coo and smile, fart, poop and sleep. She is such a mellow baby-I think she has her mom's temperament!

I have managed to run a couple of times here. Yesterday did a 10 miler and yes-those speed workouts seem to be helping a bit..Eric has been holding "Run form and drills" ie; "Run and Die", every Friday. I have been to two so far..that last one almost killed me. My HR was so high I could not breathe at times. It doesn't help that there is a 30 something 6 foot really athletic triathlete running with us..he pushes us into another decade..I roped Cindy into going with me last Friday. It was a selfish move..I wanted someone to suffer with me to be honest..

Today I missed the workout (oh well)..because of being here. I am babysitting tonite-that will be fun. I love the little ones! But oh, how I tear up when she cries! I am sure that is something hormonal. The patience and strength it takes to raise a little one is beyond my capability...that makes me feel old..
The rest of my training has gone to hell since I have been here but that's OK. Lots of time before Buffalo Springs, the OC Marathon..
Tomorrow I am off to take the big plane home...


jedishoney said...

I love it it is a elvis baby! Gavin did that lip curl when he was brand new born! :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Love the baby photo! What a cutie!

cindy said...

Hadley takes the cutest pictures ever!!

Oh boy, did I ever suffer with you that Friday...but it was all good ;-)

Calyx Meredith said...

She's darling! I'm glad you're enjoying your time with her. (I'd be hard pressed to worry about missing workouts with a doll like that around too!)

RBR said...

Adorable! I love dressed up baby shots! I figure that since babies get loved and waited on hand and foot, you can dress them up for funny pictures!

Glad you had a good time visiting the grandkids!