Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its a New Day People!

I actually have my passion for triathlon back. I do not know how, after all the negative energy I put out to the universe on Sunday, this could happen but it did. Like a fire lit under me after that race. It may be that I had almost a PR (I wonder if you are 5 years older than your last PR, is it time to get a new PR?)..May be that I FINALLY got out of the middle of the pack, just once at least..

Whatever-I have been training these past 3 days like I really love it again! Did I say I hate racing? Nahhhh...not really! I just hate losing! I hate being average...I work my ass off for this sport and damn-I want to WIN! Now that is probably not going to happen much, I know that genetics has something to do with this, right? For instance, I found out that my competition (one of them) at Buffalo Springs this year did the last half IM at BSLT in 5:38! Huh? I know full grown kick ass MEN that cannot do it that fast! This is so insane, I just laugh...I will never go to Kona, or Clearwater as long as women 50+ just keep getting faster..yep, it is true..I have decided I might qualify if I go and do Ironman China, where some years there are NO women in my AG. If you win your AG, you go to Kona..

So I was sucked into going to Lubbock this weekend by my friend MG, who promised to get back on Facebook if I went. Now here is where you know the addiction has set in-you pray your friends will drink the Koolaid with you and when they don't, you will do anything to get them back to drinking it..I am so easily influenced! He tried this getting us to sign up for Ironman St, George in 2010. Thank goodness I had my senses about me when I turned that one down. Has anyone seen the profile to that race?

So now I just have to suffer through an Olympic distance to get my friend back on FB. Is that crazy or what? Off we go to Lubbock, where we will be doing BSLT in 7 weeks. It is the same course (only shorter), the race is called Buffman and Squeaky and is put on by the same folks. Guess who will be there? The 5:38 woman-there to practice too!!! WTF? She registered in the wrong age group though. Here is a moral dilemma-should I say anything? Is that cheating? If she stays in the wrong one, I will win, because so far I am the only one in the 55-59 year old women..

OK so here are my three goals for this race (my third weekend in a row racing). In this order:

1. To have fun. MG and Michi will be traveling with H and I. Drinking the Koolaid together.
2. To have a great swim. I would like to break 30 minutes..the water is usually cold this time of year but after IMCDA, it all feels like bathwater to me!
3. Go at about 80% and practice the course..can I do this? 


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

1) Good luck this weekend. Great practice for BSLT since it's on the same course.

2) Nobody that does Triathlon is "average" even if they are dead last. Think about that for a bit..

3) I don't think it's your responsibility to make sure people are in the correct age group. Just worry about YOU.


Molly said...

Have an AWESOME race this weekend. Enjoy practicing your course!!

LBTEPA said...

I can see why you couldn't resist a race called Buffman and Squeaky! Priceless! Have a great day

IronLa said...

Yeah, that's the spirit! Have a fantastic race!

Tania said...

Hey.. you know... Lubbock is half way here.... ;) Good luck! I love you! Have fun!!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Hey, Good luck to all your guys! Hoping I can do this one last year. It was my first Olympic.

Calyx Meredith said...

Have a great time this weekend! And let little Miss Kona/Clearwater take care of her own registration fail. :D Go SWTrigal GO!!